New Product Launch: KickBrix Energy Chews, a Leader in the Personal Energy-Product Category

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — KickBrix™ (, a new leader in the mushrooming Personal Energy Product category, was officially launched worldwide in winter 2008-2009 by Emeryville, California-headquartered company KickBrix, and is a faster, more cost-effective way for an individual to boost her energy-level than high-calorie, sugary energy drinks or shots. There is no need for anyone to chug-a-lug or slug a shot to jump-start his day or night again. He can pop a convenient, quick KickBrix chew in his mouth, and go–before a college final or all-night recording session, during a tough gym workout, over a long drive and to hurdle a 3:00 PM business meeting, get his Saturday Night dance-groove on or stay alert for a Mixed-Martial Arts Match, Motocross Race or Surfing Safari. The product is currently available online and in selected convenience and sports stores.

KickBrix are 25-calorie, square-shaped chews with more impact than an 8-oz. energy drink at a fourth of the price. They are even vegan and vegetarian (100 percent) and gluten free but they are not candy. Made in the United States, a single KickBrix chew, categorized by the Food and Drug Administration as a dietary supplement, contains no sugar and is loaded with the fuel-producing powerhouse vitamin B12 as well as ginseng, taurine and only about one-fourth the caffeine of a Starbucks coffee. KickBrix provide an unmistakable boost of energy when it’s needed most–lasting one to four hours, depending upon your metabolism.

Packin’ Power “No other energy drink or product packs the power that one KickBrix chew does,” says company founder Eric Leaver. Because KickBrix are absorbed sublingually under the tongue, not digested like a drink, the energy boost you feel occurs within minutes. Plus, there is no crash or “hangover” common to so many energy drinks.

Adds brand manager Cameron Leaver: “Anyone who needs an easy, fast jolt will love KickBrix, which is ahead of the pack among the booming, next generation of energy boosters. Place them in your bag, glove box or pocket–no refrigeration or time to choke down a bad tasting, calorie-rich drink necessary. That’s old school.”

Online: Social Marketing = Pay Day for CEO-Wannabes “We’ve produced a monster kick without the bull,” Cameron Leaver explains. “And our radically different way of getting the word out is this: We’ve created a no-cost, ‘Tell a Friend,’ Internet-based affiliate program. KickBrix pays commissions to each Referral “Rep” for each new customer referred to us by her affiliate Web site, and we continue to pay commissions for subsequent purchases made by that customer.”

About KickBrix KickBrix is a privately held company based in Emeryville, California. Its energy chews have been in development since 2006, and the company intends to offer future products that will also appeal to its core market of busy students, athletes and professionals ages 18-34 years old.

KickBrix come in two flavors–Citrus Blast and Berry Blast–packaged together in a 5-chew bag for $3.99 and a “Brick,” which contains 10 bags or 50 chews for $24.99. Currently available online and in selected convenience and sports stores.


KickBrix Energy Chews