New Release Leverages Second Screen Technology to Enable Stronger Audience Engagement via Mobile Devices During Live Presentations


Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — NiceMeeting, the leader in second screen technology for any-size live events, presentations and conferences, announced today the availability of a fully updated audience engagement platform for live events. The new release includes additional features for smartphone users – by popular demand – as well as more social, sharing and audience engagement capabilities.

“At NiceMeeting, our goal is to make every experience impactful, by providing event planners with a Platform that, on the one hand, catalyzes audience engagement and heightens participation, and, on the other hand, insures that attendees focus on the message presenting companies want them to focus on, thereby absorbing and retaining as much relevant information as possible,” said Brian Silverman, CEO of NiceMeeting. Silverman went on to say that “Companies spend massive amounts of money on events with the goal of educating their audiences either directly or indirectly about their products and services. The more the audience is engaged, the more information they retain and the more the total experience is enhanced. Our belief is that these levels of heightened engagement and attendee experience, correlate directly to increased revenues and customer satisfaction, positively impacting the ROI from the event. Our new release features upgraded interactive modules, such as Q&A, Notes, Polls and Chats, and is surely the easiest app event planners or participants have ever seen."

Key platform enhancements include the following:     An enhanced smartphone interface that allows event participants to fully exploit the capabilities of the NiceMeeting platform. Smartphone users can take advantage of all NiceMeeting interactive features: answer polls, ask questions, chat and make slide notations as well as watch every presentation optimized for the smartphone screen.     NiceMeeting Q&A is now more interactive and social. Participants can share questions and rate them with "Likes," empowering the audience to drive the presentation agenda by notifying the speaker of the questions they find most interesting.     More flexible event settings and content sharing policies for every session now allow event planners to have more freedom in deciding which interactive modules they want to use and how to use them.     Enhanced tools to measure audience engagement and create customizable schedule views, replacing paper schedules.

As part of Release 2.0, NiceMeeting is providing a plug-in for PowerPoint, which makes it fast and easy for speakers to push their content to attendee mobile device while running live presentations. Also by customer demand, NiceMeeting is now available as a native mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.


Natasha Korobkova