New Release Profiles the Highly Successful Marriages of Well-Educated Couples and Tells How to Create, Maintain Marriage of Equals; Book by Shauna H. Springer, Ph.D.

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Two life-changing events – the collapse of her parents’ marriage and meeting the love of her life – took place during the author’s senior year at Harvard University. The resulting emotional roller coaster inspired her to seek answers to questions about why half of marriages fail and whether lasting love is possible. She earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, specializing in relationship therapy, extensively researched the relationship literature, and has counseled distressed couples for thousands of hours. The author details her theories and findings in this new book. The book is organized according to the author’s three-phase model that describes the life course of successful love relationships. The initial chapters highlight an array of psychological principles and biological forces in the “cocaine-rush” phase of new relationships that may compel people to fall in love with partners who are unlikely to sustain a healthy marriage to anyone. Through a humorous analysis of the factors that lead to false and unsustainable love in reality television programming, the book explores how people fall in love, how people test their love, and what decisions and behaviors lead to the creation of marriages with staying power. The author challenges typical notions of romance and urges people to take time to assess the actual potential of their attractions, instead of charging headlong into relationships that are often ticking time bombs. As a counterpoint to false and unsustainable models of love, the author then examines the very successful marriages of some of the most highly-educated women in this generation. To profile these relationships, the author draws from the results of a survey of more than 1200 women, mostly Harvard graduates and their equally capable friends, who are working to create truly equal partnerships. She describes the inner workings of a marriage of equals, as contrasted with a more traditional model in which one spouse has a leadership position. Using humorous stories, clinical examples, literary and media sources, and relevant research findings, the author offers a clear and insightful analysis of what it really takes to create and sustain an exceptional and lasting equal partnership. A list of recommended readings offers more avenues of exploration for those seeking lifelong partnerships, those working through the early phase of a relationship, and those in a committed relationship who want to develop a deeper understanding of marriage’s struggles. Author Shauna Howarth Springer earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida after receiving a degree in English literature from Harvard University. She works as a staff Psychologist at a Veterans hospital and runs a clinic to help couples explore relationship problems that develop after combat deployments. Springer, who earned the McLaughlin Dissertation Research Fellowship, has also worked in academic teaching hospitals, college counseling centers and private practice. She and her husband, Utaka, have been partners for over 15 years.

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Marriage, for Equals: The Successful Joint (Ad)Ventures of Well-Educated Couples Shauna Howarth Springer Dog Ear Publishing ISBN: 978-1-4575-0906-3            252 pages                 $14.95 US

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