New Relief for Winter Dry Feet & Cracked Heels

Canyon, California (EastBayDaily) — There's fresh hope for cracked, dry feet thanks to a completely reformulated natural mineral foot balm from Awakening Skin Care. Concentrated minerals & herbs form the basis for the company's hallmark personal care products.

Applied topically to skin, magnesium serves as a healing anti-allergen. The company combines that mineral with a proprietary blend of essential oils and plant extracts to form a base that is neither greasy nor sticky. "Cold weather sucks the life out of feet. They end up bone dry, cracked and sore. People on their feet all day are the most vulnerable, but foot stress is an 'equal opportunity problem': Teens, elders, men, women hurt in the same ways," states Awakening president, Rob Hardwicke. "We've found the answer to the problem."

Awakening started 10 years ago with professional athletes in 'pounding sports' such as basketball. "We want to share with everyday folks our latest successes with healing absued feet," Hardwicke says. The majority of people in the U.S. suffer foot issues in winter: The colder the climate, the louder the complaints. For those dealing with diabetes, those complaints are louder still. "Minerals in combination with herbs and extracts solve foot problems", he notes.

In 2008, Hardwicke started blogging about "Serious Foot Care 101" and sharing his foot-care experiences with shoppers at retail locations such as Whole Foods Markets across the West. The company's mineral healing now extends beyond just the feet to include body skin, facial skin, hand care and "gnarly surfer knees". "We specialize in body parts," notes Hardwicke, "and the fact that everything we do is vegan and cruelty-free makes us feel good about the value we're bringing to the marketplace".

The company's signature foot balm, 'Awakening FEET,' is now reformulated with all vegan ingredients including the homeopathic herb Arnica Montana and targets the principal problem areas. The balm employs concentrated natural magnesium isolated from the minerals of the Dead Sea and a range of moisturizing essential oils including avocado, jojoba, rosehip and vitamin E that absorb rapidly into the skin to form a silky, non-greasy barrier. "With natural lemongrass, we wipe out even the most vile cases of boot & sneaker stink," Hardwicke declares.

"What's the better alternative," Hardwicke asks with a smile: "A foot in a sock coated with petroleum jelly all night, or a great smelling, silky smooth, healthy pair of feet with no socks and no goop? You tell us your answer after reading our short posting about our '14-Day cure'."

Awakening Mineral Skin Care, a boutique formulator of mineral therapies for healthy skin that has been in business since 1994, is a California C corporation dedicated to natural, vegan, cruelty-free healing.


Rob Hardwicke
Awakening Mineral Skin Care

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