New Software Acts as a Desktop “Personal Trainer” and Forces Office Workers to Get Up and Exercise.

Union City, California (EastBayDaily) — Day after day, millions of people sit at their desks for four, six, eight, and even ten hours at a time, getting little to no exercise. Oh, they can get up and do some stretching or moving, but most people lack the will or discipline required to do such. RedBeep is a software program designed to meet that challenge head on. In short, it’ll tell office workers to get up and move, and if they don’t, it will hijack their internet connection until they do.

“I first came up with the idea for RedBeep to make myself get up and exercise” says Don Wen, founder of RedBeep. “The thing with me was discipline. I had good intentions, but they would get lost in the workday’s hustle and bustle. And when I DID get free time, I’d surf the web. So I needed something that would MAKE me get up and move. That’s where the idea for RedBeep came from. So We put together a development team and went about creating this unique web-based deskercise platform.”

Indeed, RedBeep does make people move and do what’s called “Deskercise”. It can be set to remind someone to get up and exercise at certain intervals, and will send out e-mails to persuade them. And for people who really need a kick in the butt, RedBeep can be set to block a person’s web access until he or she does the workout in front of a computer.

“The trick was to incorporate a webcam with the RedBeep deskercise platform” says Wen. “RedBeep detects movement and reports to itself, so you really can’t cheat. It’s ideal for people who need that little extra motivation.”

Studies have shown that even a little exercise for deskbound workers can be extremely beneficial, so Wen feels there is a definite audience for RedBeep. Add in the fact that many people readily admit they need motivation, and one can see why RedBeep may find a rapid audience.

“The internet can be an impediment to exercising.” said Wen. “I have seen people spend their lunch hour surfing the web instead of taking a walk around the building. RedBeep will help prevent that.”

To learn more about RedBeep, visit the website at

About RedBeep

RedBeep was founded by Don Wen, and is designed to help and encourage deskbound workers to get up and move. It can keep track of users motion from webcams, and can even be told to keep users from surfing the internet until they complete their workout. To learn more, visit


Lily Lee