New Web Service Analyzes Google’s Ranking Currency

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — lets business owners dig deep into the Google rankings of their competitors.

The new web service answers the question “who links to whom on the Internet” and helps businesses to use that information to outrank their competition on Google’s result pages. Links are often referred to as the currency of Google because Google relies on links to rank websites.

Google counts links as votes – the more votes, the higher the listing on Google’s result pages. A listing on Google’s first result page often makes the difference between a great success and a complete failure for business owners.

Many people tried to game Google’s ranking system in the past with automated linking schemes, but Google continually improved their ranking algorithms over the years. Nowadays, it’s not only the number of links that counts. Google also considers the quality of the pages that link to a website.

Google does not reveal the links that are the reason why a website ranks highly for a search term. They only provide a small random sample that has no relation to the quality of the links.

That’s where the new web service comes in. They crawled the web for the last 12 months, jumping from one link to the next, building the world’s biggest link database. This enables SEOprofiler to analyze up to 30,000 backlinks of any website and to create a report that arranges the links by importance and quality. With that information, companies can find out the best backlink sources of their competitor websites and replicate their successes.

On the website, you can enter the address of any website to get an instant basic analysis of the backlinks to the site. Premium Analyses for the own website are free, analyses of competitor sites are available as monthly subscription plans:


Johannes Selbach
SEOprofiler (Axandra GmbH)