Newly Launched Skincare Company Teaches Kids How to Prevent Colds & the Flu

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — TruKid, a fast growing, all-natural skincare line for kids is taking its brand a step further teaching kids how to protect themselves against [colds and the flu] through healthy hygiene. The winter season can wreak havoc on kids creating a veritable Petri dish of colds, coughs and other various aliments. To fight the attack TruKid has launched a Healthy Habits Pack.

TruKid Founder and mother of six Jennifer Adams Bunkers, understands [colds and the flu] can affect the whole family. “It’s important to teach children how to take care of their little bodies in order to prevent colds and the flu,” says Adams Bunkers. “By teaching children healthy habits at a young age you’re creating habits that will last a lifetime, like brushing your teeth.”

According to Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, prevention is truly the best medicine, use careful hygiene to prevent respiratory illnesses. Wash hands often and teach children to wash theirs, scrubbing with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds (about the length of “Happy Birthday”).

TruKid’s Healthy Habits Pack is a great way to get kids clean and help keep germs at bay. The pack includes Friendly Face wash, Happy Face and Body Lotion, Bubbly Body Bar, Spiffy Spearmint and Sunny Days SPF 30. The pack retails for $38.50. All orders come with a free Silly Songs for Healthy Habits CD with orders over $25.

Look for the “TruKid Smart Label™” seal of approval. The label ensures parents that the ingredients are natural, non-toxic and free of potentially harmful ingredients like Parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The Company made a pledge with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, whose goal is to protect consumers and workers by requiring the health & beauty industries to phase out chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other health issues, and replace them with safer alternatives. TruKid has also collaborated with Healthy Child, Healthy World which is a national leader in protecting children’s health from harmful environmental exposures by educating parents and engaging communities.


Felicity Odell