Newlyweds Welcome Friends to their 100% Free Online Dating Site

Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — As the week comes to a close, are you stressed because you do not have a date confirmed for Friday night and no one to hang out with because all of your friends are married and doing the family thing? Or are you the one who will be spending Friday night at home with the kids while your best friend is preparing for their adventurous first date with the newest hottie they met online? Since before anyone can remember, it has been an unwritten rule that singles hang out with singles and couples hang out with other couples. Danville, California native, Philip Ferreira and his new wife, Crystal have experienced this rule first hand as the number of invitations to hang out with their single friends have begun to dwindle. With the help from their friend, Cameron Clifford, they have designed, a totally free website for dating people and their non-dating friends. launched a beta version of their site in July to the online community. The beta period will continue for approximately another 60 days. This time will be used to grow the user base, fix any minor bugs, and add additional features. “We are thrilled with the progress of the site so far,” says founder, Philip Ferreira, “we have a base of members that is steadily growing, and their feedback is extremely positive. They are meeting friends, going on dates, and they love the combination of typical dating site features and those that are more commonly found on social networking sites like®.”


DateFree is a global online dating and social networking website that is designed to bring dating and non-dating friends together into one community that is safe, fun and free. Visitors and members can expect a technically comprehensive, user friendly website with a lot of cool features. Some features include the ability to network with new and existing friends, post html on their own DateFree site, (ie:, post pictures, email each other and just have simple fun with no out of pocket expense. The only things we ask of our members are that they invite their friends, keep the site clean and safe and occasionally when they see an appealing advertisement to click on it and check it out. The most important rule, of course, is that you must have fun.


Crystal Ferreira