No (SQL) News is Good News: Hear from Aerospike CTO Brian Bulkowski How You Can Achieve Higher Speeds with Fewer Servers

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Join hundreds of NoSQL practitioners and experts during the third annual NoSQL Now! Conference.

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Aerospike co-founder and CTO Brian Bulkowski will present on “Optimizing NoSQL Databases for SSDs to Achieve Real-time Performance” at the San Jose Convention Center 3:15 – 4:00PM on Wednesday, August 21. This presentation will: Examine the economic and technical factors that allow NoSQL databases running on SSDs to maintain less than a 20-millisecond difference in speed at about one-eighth the cost of in-memory. Discuss how the Aerospike database has been optimized for SSDs through a highly parallelized, distributed architecture. Explore a range of use cases, including real-time consumer interactions on websites, mobile devices or games; hyper-fast fraud detection that occurs too quickly for a human to notice; and real-time analysis of network data to isolate and address issues before they significantly affect operations.

Event Details NoSQL Now! is a three-day conference focused on helping attendees create scalable, high-performance data-centric systems, discover new technology choices for BigData analytics, transaction processing, integration and search, and compare vendor approaches and products. The event will be held at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA, August 20-22, 2013. Visit the website for more information.

About Aerospike Aerospike, Inc. offers the only real-time Internet-scale database that delivers predictable high performance for mission-critical applications. Aerospike’s hybrid memory (DRAM and native flash) architecture scales up and out, consistently processing over 500k transactions per second per node with sub-millisecond latency. With automatic fail-over, replication, and cross data center synchronization, the Aerospike database reliably stores billions of objects and terabytes of data—while providing 100% uptime and 17x better TCO than other NoSQL databases. Customers accelerating their business with Aerospike include adMarketplace, BlueKai, Chango, eXelate, Federated Media, The Trade Desk and [x +1]. For more information, visit

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