Now Buy Lenovo ThinkPad X240 Ultrabook with Military-Class Toughness at Portable One

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Portable One now offers the advanced Lenovo ThinkPad X240 Ultrabook with Military-Class Toughness at competitive prices. This gizmo from the house of Lenovo stands out with its sleek design that can easily make new laptops look old. This sleek Ultrabook has a 12.5" HD IPS 1366 x 768 display with LED Backlit AntiGlare. This version of Lenovo ThinkPad with its light and carbon fibre thin design is extremely ideal for users who are frequently on the go and need easy mobility.

Portable One is a trusted destination for availing myriad and the latest models of Lenovo Laptops available at cost-effective rates.

In addition to genuine and the best quality laptops and tablets of leading brands, Portable One also provides custom laptops of name brand manufacturers configured as per the specific requirements of their clients. They provide customized business laptops with recommended features of almost all popular brands such as Apple, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Panasonic Toughbook and many more.

About Portable One

Portable One is a group of technically talented individuals devoted to mobile computing and dedicated to providing exceptional service in an industry otherwise unable to match their level of service & customization. Portable One has been delivering mobile excellence on-line since 1996 and they continue to outlast the competition. Their customers include federal and state agencies, all branches of the military including the US Coast Guard, numerous universities and thousands of small businesses and independent professionals alike. Portable One is a source for custom laptops.

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