Nutrient Rich, High Protein Snacks for Weight Loss Support on Shop GreenLite

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Dr. Sooji Rugh, founder of GreenLite Medicine and Hello GreenLite, launched Shop GreenLite, a new online source for high quality weight loss snacks and pharmacy grade supplements. All products have been carefully selected by medical professionals and obesity specialists to make sure that they are high in protein to help with feelings of “fullness” and to prevent muscle loss while on reduced calorie intake in order to achieve weight loss. Additional criteria includes minimal sugar content, and low net carbohydrate content to decrease insulin surges which may encourage fat storage and increase hunger.

“We work on re-programming habits,” says Dr. Rugh, “which include establishing regular eating patterns to prevent hunger. We also teach our clients how it’s not all about the calories we consume, but how the various macronutrients we choose to eat affect our appetite. For example carbohydrates, proteins, and fats affect our hunger levels differently through the distinct hormones they stimulate. If we choose foods which help us feel full rather than trigger hunger a few hours later, that can be powerful tool. The education process takes time to sink in, but the easiest way for people to make a quick change is by substitution. That is where our products can be helpful.” For example, Dr. Rugh finds replacing a bag of potato chips with protein chips makes one feel more satiated. The protein snack substitution can add up to less calories at the end of the day and eventually less pounds over time.

Protein bars by Quest Nutrition are one of the most popular on Shop GreenLite. They come in a variety of flavors and each has only eight ingredients, unlike other manufacturers whose bars have over 20, many of which are chemicals. Each Quest bar has 20 grams of whey protein and ~18 grams of fiber. Other favorites are the nutritionally rich pharmacy grade supplements, often difficult to find in a retail store.

“I recently completed the acute weight loss phase at GreenLite Medicine,” says Jodi Murphy. “I lost 37 pounds and want to keep it off for good. I appreciate being able to buy products online that have been curated by the GreenLite medical professionals. I wasn’t looking forward to standing in a grocery aisle feeling overwhelmed with choices and wondering what should I buy. If protein bars, snacks or vitamins are available on Shop GreenLite, I know that they are good for me!”

For more information, go to and click on SHOP.

Dr. Sooji Rugh received her BS degree at MIT, her medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and completed her Internal Medicine residency at Harbor-UCLA. She is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She founded GreenLite Medicine weight loss centers in 1997 in Mountain View, San Francisco, and San Jose to provide consumers with a medically-supervised weight loss program with a focus on making changes that will last a lifetime. To reach more with her personalized approach, she developed Hello GreenLite, weight loss in the cloud and Shop GreenLite. Go to and for more.


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