Nutrillion Science Adds to List of Natural Hangover Remedies Published by Everyday Health

Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — According to Nutrillion Science, Inc., developer of MagiPatch, the transfer of vitamins and nutrients via a transdermal patch is one of the most effective natural methods for preventing and curing a hangover following excessive alcohol consumption. MagiPatch, which is proven to work, is a hangover recovery patch composed of all-natural ingredients including several vitamins. The ingredients in MagiPatch are transmitted via a transdermal drug delivery system that is safe and easy to administer.

According to an article published on Everyday Health on February 19, 2015, 8 Natural Hangover Remedies, "For now there's only one surefire way to avoid a hangover: Don't drink."

The article discusses several natural remedies including the following: drinking water, drinking other fluids, consuming olive oil before drinking alcohol, consuming sugar while drinking, eating breakfast the day after drinking, eating ginger, and others. The author of the article also states that it takes between 8 and 24 hours for hangover symptoms to disappear.

"The Everyday Heath article focuses on several natural hangover remedies, but neglects to mention the value of natural vitamins. Nutrillion Science is completely confident that vitamins do serve as an effective natural hangover cure. As a result of the diuretic effect alcohol has on the human body, vital nutrients are lost when a person consumes alcohol. When a MagiPatch is applied prior to drinking and kept in place for several hours after drinking ceases, the vital nutrients contained in the patch are absorbed through the skin which brings the body back to a natural balance – and prevents a hangover from occurring." -Kevin Wu, Co-Founder, Nutrillion Science, Inc.

The Everyday Health article mentions several natural hangover remedies, but clearly states that there is only one proven cure for a hangover: Time.

"While everybody will eventually get over a hangover after enough time elapses, MagiPatch is an effective natural hangover prevention tool. When the patch is applied to the skin before drinking begins, it is effective at preventing a hangover from occurring in the first place. Therefore, MagiPatch can be considered a natural hangover prevention patch, a hangover cure, or a hangover remedy." -KW, Co-Founder, Nutrillion Science, Inc.

About Nutrillion Science, Inc and MagiPatch: Nutrillion Science, Inc. is the exclusive developer and distributor of MagiPatch, a clear transdermal patch that uses a Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology to transmit a blend of 15 all-natural ingredients to replenish vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that are lost with alcohol consumption. Nutrillion Science's scientist and pharmacist developed Magipatch after years of scientific research. Each patch contains a sufficient dose of Vitamin B complex that brings the body back to a natural balance after heavy alcohol consumption. The patch is clear and almost invisible when applied to the skin and is designed to provide a controlled release of ingredients into the body. MagiPatch is an excellent hangover cure for anyone who typically experiences hangover symptoms after drinking alcohol.


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