Nylon Flowers Quickly Gaining Popularity with Wedding Planners

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — There is little arguing that fresh flowers are one of nature’s most beloved treasures. However traditional flowers present numerous limitations (and headaches!) for wedding and party planners. As beautiful as fresh flowers are, they just aren’t always practical. What’s the solution? – “Nylon stocking flowers! ” Says Clyde Wright, a spokesman for New Sheer Creations.

As summertime approaches, spring showers give way to beautiful sunshine-filled days, prompting countless love-struck couples to tie the proverbial knot.

Wedding flowers serve as one of the most important elements of any wedding. They symbolize life, prosperity and renewal. They also serve as a wonderful conversation starter. While fresh flowers are often the traditional choice for weddings, there is a cost effective alternative that is quickly gaining momentum. “Nylon flowers provide a wonderful alternative for wedding planners wishing to not be limited by seasonal flower restrictions”, says noted wedding planner, Rebecca Anderson “Not all fresh flowers are available throughout the year.”

Nylon flowers provide a value-based alternative to the traditional fresh flower while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their real life counterparts. “My clients are surprised to find out just how realistic looking nylon flowers really are”, states Anderson. “With 100 colors of nylon to work with, I have a rich and varied color palette at my disposal, which opens up a world of possibilities.”

“My clients wishing to adhere to a limited budget appreciate how economical nylon flowers are”, explains Anderson. “Traditional bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces can be cost prohibitive for many individuals.”

New Sheer Creations the premier supplier of nylon flower crafts offers over 100 flower making and hair accessory instructions, as well as 12 flower bouquet kits perfect for not only weddings, but for parties and other social gatherings, making them ideal for beginners or experienced crafters. Free tutorials and instructional videos are offered on their website (http://www.newsheer.com)

About New Sheer Creations New Sheer Creations is a company geared to revitalizing an old craft of creating flowers and other beautiful objects from wires and nylon material. Nylon flower making is an art form which can be done by anyone, and is invigorated with great new materials and a new generation of crafters. We provide supplies, tutorial books and videos to get you started in this exciting world of nylon floral art, where you are limited only by your imagination. (http://www.newsheer.com)


Clyde Wright