Oakland Acupuncture Therapy Clinic, Rhoda’s Acupuncture Announces They are Now Offering Personalized Treatment Plans

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Rhoda Climenhaga, of Oakland’s acupuncture therapy clinic, Rhoda’s Acupuncture at the Flowing River Clinic in Oakland, announces they are now offering personalized treatment plans and is a licensed acupuncturist who uses acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to help patients heal on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. To achieve success, Climenhaga offers personal treatment plans that address the body as a whole. Treatment plans may include acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle modifications, exercises, and other elements. Climenhaga always includes her patients in discussing what will work best for them.

“Her demeanor is patient, warm and nurturing. Her needle technique is gentle and thoughtful. Fear doesn't enter the picture when I'm in her practice,” one of Climenhaga’s patients said.

In particular, Climenhaga emphasized that she utilizes Chinese medicine to complement conventional western medicine for women’s health issues. She may help with fertility issues, ease normal pregnancy aches and pains, and even aid with postpartum treatments. Climenhaga, who is also a professor at an Oakland acupuncture school, creates her own custom herbal formulas to specifically address each client’s unique needs.

An expert in Chinese medicine, Climenhaga has trained extensively in modern western and traditional Chinese medicine, including herbology and nutrition. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Virginia and a Master of Science in traditional Chinese medicine from ACCHS in Oakland. In addition, she has completed graduate work in anthropology and the Chinese language at the University of Chicago and has worked as a consultant to the Elephant Pharmacy in Berkeley. She has more than 10 years of experience in the practice of acupuncture and more than 15 years in prescribing herbal medicine. Climenhaga specializes in employing natural methods to treat women's health problems, including painful menstruation, menopause, excess menstruation, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, PMS, genital skin irritations, pain, dysmenorrhea and hormonal mood swings.

“Through acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional therapy, I aim to bring the body into balance. I often include nutritional advice, guided meditation and deep relaxation in my treatments, and can arrange in-depth consultations in these areas,” Climenhaga said.

Through thousands of treatments, Climenhaga has seen what Chinese medicine can accomplish. She has witnessed hundreds of people heal—not just cover-up symptoms—beginning with herself. For this reason, she is committed to employing Chinese medication to help as many people as possible.

For more information about any services of Oakland’s pain management specialist at, Rhoda’s Acupuncture, call 510-893-2929, view her office on the web at http://www.rhodas-acupuncture.com or visit the Flowing River Clinic at 2929 Summit St., Suite 102, in Oakland.

About Rhoda’s Acupuncture

Rhoda Climenhaga practices her profession at the Flowing River Clinic, an alternative healing center located in Oakland. The clinic features a soothing and relaxing atmosphere and offers natural fertility treatment, massages and other holistic health services aside from acupuncture.

Visit Climenhaga “when it’s time to take care of yourself.”


Rhoda Climenhaga