Oakland Acupuncture Therapy Rhoda’s Acupuncture Acquires Flowing River Clinic

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — A health care and acupuncture therapy clinic in Oakland, Rhoda’s Acupuncture recently acquired Flowing River Clinic in June and is making changes at the clinic that are both sad and exciting. Practitioners Connie Herrick, L.Ac., and Adeline Wood, D.C., have decided to move out. The lease, which had to be re-negotiated, has been taken over by Rhoda’s Acupuncture. While it is a sad goodbye, this opens the door to many possibilities for Rhoda’s Acupuncture to develop over the next year, and there will soon be new faces and interesting events.

“We have been working hard to spruce things up and to keep it the same calm, safe place you’ve come to know. There will only be minor external changes–some of the artwork and furniture left behind will be replaced by new pieces that are equally beautiful and relaxing,” Rhoda Climenhaga, L.Ac., owner and practitioner at Rhoda’s Acupuncture, said. “This most exciting opportunity is enabling me to be in the clinic more days a week and to offer more programs! I am now available on Thursdays, in addition to Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. I will be announcing health programs for acupuncture therapy, pain management and natural fertility treatments, as well as open houses and art exhibits in the coming months.”

Since the takeover, the Flowing River Clinic name and website no longer exists because the business name departed with Connie Herrick. This means that those who are accustomed to going to the Flowing River website to schedule appointments online will no longer be able to do so. Instead, clients are encouraged to visit Rhoda’s Acupuncture website, rhodas-acupuncture.com, and use the “Book Now” button. A link will always be included in Rhoda’s Acupuncture’s e-mail newsletters. Adeline Wood will still be practicing in Oakland. Her patients can look for announcements from her about the exact location.

For more information about any services available at Rhoda’s Acupuncture, call 510-239-5298, view her office on the Web at http://www.rhodas-acupuncture.com or visit 2929 Summit St., Suite 102, in Oakland.

About Rhoda’s Acupuncture

Rhoda Climenhaga practices her profession at Rhoda’s Acupuncture, an alternative healing center located in Oakland. The clinic features a soothing and relaxing atmosphere and offers custom herbal prescriptions and other holistic health services aside from acupuncture.

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