Oakland Acupuncture Therapy Specialist, Rhoda’s Acupuncture, Features Breast Thermography Screenings

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland’s Rhoda’s Acupuncture, offering acupuncture therapy treatments for chronic back pain, natural fertility treatments, menopause problems, allergies and more, now features breast thermography screenings. Beginning March 17, the screenings will be offered in quarterly sessions to detect all possible breast problems and to promote women’s health.

“Thermography screenings are the up-and-coming way to test for breast cancer without the harmful side effects of radiation and without getting squished,” Rhoda Climenhaga of Rhoda’s Acupuncture said. “It's very important for at-risk women to use these screenings.”

In addition, the screenings may be used to look for other issues, as a screening can sometimes help to diagnose adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, allergies and inflammatory conditions.

Dr. Nancy Gardner, one of the top thermographists in the nation, will perform the screenings.

Thermography is a non-contact technique for the early detection of breast cancer without the hazard of carcinogenic radiation. The infrared camera takes thermal images that detect subtle changes in breast physiology up to ten years before a cancerous tumor can be detected by other sources, such as a mammogram or skilled palpation. Currently, this is the most reliable form of early detection, and it is becoming more readily available in many countries. Thermography has a 9 percent for both false positive and false negative readings. The screening is painless and offers a view of the entire chest and underarm area for the patient to see and understand the procedure.

For more information about breast thermography screenings, view information about the method on the web at http://optimumhealthclinic.info/thermography.php.

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