Oakland-Bred Photographer Diallo Mwathi Jeffery Inspires with a Glimpse of Oakland

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Diallo Mwathi Jeffery's work will be on display at the Oakland Museum of California, Friday December 19th, for an encore one-day exhibition from 5pm to 9pm. Jeffery’s work has been previously exhibited by SLATE Contemporary at Visit Oakland, Joyce Gordon Gallery, PHOTO Fine Art and Oakland City Hall.

Diallo Mwathi Jeffery honed his skills at an early age, rendering ruggedly beautiful photography of a city known more for container ships and factories than sparkling skylines and urban wonder. With a knack for capturing beauty in the natural light of fleeting moments, Jeffery displays a sense of color and clarity that draws the viewer into his magical realm of light and shadow. Awash in vibrant hues, Jeffery’s works enchant the viewer’s gaze into dense tapestries of detail.

Jeffery has a keen eye for capturing the passion and crisp detail of an Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area sunset, precisely rendering its bridges, boats and buildings against a backdrop of cosmic color. Jeffery delights in sharing a new perspective on the old industrial areas, capturing historic masonry ablaze in light amid the splendor of nature.

Jeffery studied business at Morehouse College in Atlanta, and motion-photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He teaches photography and filmmaking to students in public schools, and is the 2005 winner of the Best Student Filmmaker Award for the Berkeley Film Festival, as well as the 2009 WAVE Award for Promoting Civic Engagement through Community Media.

Diallo Mwathi Jeffery says of his work, “I am compelled to capture moments that inspire me so that I may share them with others. When you glimpse Oakland in its true light, you can understand why so many people love our town.” For his efforts, the light of recognition now shines on Diallo Mwathi Jeffery and his photography.

See Diallo Mwathi Jeffery's Iconic photography on exhibit from 5pm to 9pm at the Oakland Museum of California at 1000 Oak St, Oakland, this Friday, December 19th, for the Holiday Trunk Show. Original signed limited-edition works will be available for purchase in a variety of sizes, from 13”x19” museum-matted renderings to spectacular 20” x 60” panoramic framed renderings. Learn more about the artist at: http://www.diallo.com


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