Oakland Chiropractor Dr. Robert Townsend of Walk-In Chiropractic Has Taken the ChiroTrust™ Pledge

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Dr. Robert Townsend and the team at Oakland’s top wellness center, Walk-In Chiropractic, have always dedicated themselves to providing excellent chiropractic care for patients suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal problems. Whether they’re suffering from acute injuries related to sports, auto or work accidents or from chronic health conditions, local residents have trusted Walk-In Chiropractic to help them recover as quickly and completely as possible and to relieve their pain.

Now its owner, Dr. Robert Townsend, has taken the ChiroTrust™ Pledge, created for those chiropractors who are “dedicated to providing conservative, mainstream chiropractic care to patients without sales pressure, long-term recommendations, unnecessary therapies or excessive costs.”

The pledge itself reads as follows: “To the best of my ability, I agree to provide my patients convenient, affordable, and mainstream Chiropractic care. I will not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.”

When asked why he decided to take the pledge, Dr. Townsend explains, “I wanted to show the community in a very public way that not all of us are just in it for the money. Many chiropractors really do care deeply about helping others. I felt like this is a way to show my commitment to providing the best care to my patients without nickel and diming them to death.”

Many Walk-In Chiropractic patients already appreciate Dr. Townsend’s honesty and dedication. The wellness center boasts dozens of five-star reviews praising Dr. Townsend and the clinic team for treating them with care and showing concern—not only for their physical well-being but for their financial well-being, too. Says Dr. Townsend, “Basically, what this pledge means to my practice is that patients won’t be harassed to spend money on unnecessary long-term treatment plans or have to worry about being badgered to try non-traditional chiropractic techniques that may or may not work. My goal is to use tried and proven chiropractic techniques that will get my patients feeling better with the fewest visits and the least amount of out-of- pocket charges.”

Dr. Townsend is proud to have taken the ChiroTrust™ Pledge and to have his name associated with the principles behind it. He encourages current and prospective patients to visit chiro-trust.org to learn more. While on the organization’s site, they can also confirm his commitment to the pledge first-hand by entering Dr. Townsend’s name, city (Oakland), and state (CA).

About Walk-In Chiropractic

Walk-In Chiropractic is the premier family wellness center in Oakland, providing chiropractic care, massage therapy and wellness programs. The practice offers relief from general back pain, neck pain, and headaches as well as sports-, auto-, and work-related injuries and chronic health conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Walk-In Chiropractic 3718 Grand Ave #3 Oakland, CA 94610 (510) 708-9363 http://oaklandchiropractor.net

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