Oakland Dog Gear Provider Redhound Provides Dog Licenses for Oakland Residents

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland dog gear provider Redhound, a one-of-a-kind pet store in Oakland, is now providing dog licenses for Oakland residents. Now, dog owners can get their dogs licensed without having to go to the Oakland Animal Shelter while paying the same cost as they would pay at the shelter.

“We are pleased to be a convenient outlet for Oakland residents to get their dogs licensed – without having to go to the shelter,” said Dan Merritt, owner of Redhound.

Every pet deserves to receive all the love and support for their health and well-being but they also need to be licensed. Instead of going through the hassle of driving to the animal shelter, Redhound is providing convenience for Oakland pet owners by offering a dog licensing and renewal service at no additional cost. It offers more reliable hours for owners to get their dogs licensed while providing them with an opportunity to also shop for their dog supplies at the same time. The store has a great selection of pet food, toys, beds, and so much more with prices that are more affordable than many pet stores in the Bay Area. Owning and caring for a dog requires great responsibility and pet owners can get off to a great start by getting a dog license. With Redhound’s new service, owners can now fulfill a part of this responsible with convenience and ease.

For more information about Redhound, call (510) 250-3673 or visit http://www.redhoundpets.com.

About Redhound

Redhound offers a full range of pet food, toys, supplements, beds, and accessories for your dog or cat. Located in the heart of the Rockridge shopping district in Oakland, Redhound is the perfect place to get those hard-to-find items, expert pet advice, and even puppy training classes in Oakland.


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