Oakland Gourmet Food Store, Piedmont Grocery Co., Announces Revamped Website

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Piedmont Grocery Co., a gourmet food and meat store in Oakland, has redone its website to update its web presence in a way that reflects its upscale brand. No longer a one-page wonder, Piedmont Grocery’s website now features many new links to help customers learn about its products and services, as well as offer interactive help.

Links featured on the website lead to Piedmont Grocery’s different food departments, detailing its farm fresh meats, cheeses and produce, as well as health foods that are gluten free and gourmet and international foods. The new website also includes a page for specials of the week, allowing customers to plan which foods they wish to get immediately and which can wait until the sale. In case Piedmont Grocery Co. doesn’t have something that a customer would like, there is a “Request a Product” page.

The news and events link lets patrons know what is happening in and around Piedmont Grocery Co., when it will be closed and other events it is sponsoring. The other notable link is “What’s For Dinner Wednesday,” where Amy Pence, the VP and owner’s daughter, uses her family as guinea pigs for her culinary experimentations. It’s a blog for customers who want to know what’s good and how to make with the ingredients that Piedmont Grocery Co. carries at the Oakland gourmet food store.

“We’ve been here on the avenue for a long time and evolved along with our neighborhood. We’ve gotten better with age, and fortunately we’re showing no signs of slowing down. We’ve never stopped trying to provide the very best products we can find,” Amy Pence of Piedmont Grocery Co. said.

For more information about Piedmont Grocery Co., call 510-653-8181 or view the Oakland grocery store on the Web at piedmontgrocery.com. Piedmont Grocery Co. is located at 4038 Piedmont Ave. in Oakland.

About Piedmont Grocery Co.

For more than 100 years, Piedmont’s goal has been to offer the very best products it can find. Along the way, it has created the tastiest takeout bar on the avenue, expanded its international aisle to accommodate new tastes and ushered in the Bay Area’s obsession with fresh, seasonal, local food.


Amy Pence