Oakland Herb Store, Happy High Herbs Store Berkeley Leads the Way with High-Quality Kratom

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Happy High Herbs, a herb store in the Oakland and San Francisco area continually promotes a passion for health and a deep understanding of both the fun and medicinal side of herbal effects. It features a dazzling array of herbs to compliment every aspect of daily life, and it is proud to announce that it is now the premiere destination for Kratom – both in terms of selection, and knowledge and experience.

"One has options for finding Kratom; however, in our experience, the quality can vary widely and quite often, the old adage is true: you get what you pay for," said Ethan Franc of Happy High Herbs. "While sampling many suppliers’ offerings, we have found that there were many samples that were far lower quality than what we were willing to offer our customers. This is an unfortunate fact of the herbal industry, as with anything natural – there is widely varying quality of products on the market."

Kratom is becoming a very popular and highly sought-after herb due to its many important uses. It's an amazing pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing herb – perhaps the most powerful of all the natural options. Many people also sing the praises of Kratom for its ability to bring focus through its calming of mental distractions. It has also been known as an excellent aid for overcoming severe and life-damaging addictions, most notably to opiates and alcohol, as well as giving a great clear-headed alternative to cannabis. On a lighter note, Kratom can be a powerful herb for helping prolong intercourse, and it can also aid relaxation into an evening of intimate play.

Everyone at Happy High Herbs not only cares deeply about the customers and the future of herbal medicine but also uses many of Happy High Herbs’ products on a regular basis (including Kratom), ensuring that the herbs are of the highest quality.

Happy High Herbs was originally founded in Australia by Ray Thorpe in an effort to offer safer, healthier and more effective alternatives to both recreational and medicinal drugs. The company has since expanded to include a vast online shop, as well as retail locations around the globe. The centrally-located Berkeley smoke shop and tea shop offers a myriad of herbs, as well as safe alternatives to party substances, holistic health accessories, and fire and flow toys, such as poi, staves and hula hoops. The owner is a naturopath who has extensive knowledge in the field of herbal health.

The Berkeley tea shop carries everything from classic medicinal teas, such as Echinacea, ginger and Chamomile, to lesser known remedies with surprising results, such as Withania, Gotu Kola and St. John’s Wort.

For more information about any of Happy High Herbs Store’s products or services, call 510-423-0769, view the Berkeley store on the web at http://www.happyhighherbs.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BerkeleyHappyhighHerbshop, or visit 2508 Channing Way in Berkeley.

About Happy High Herbs Happy High Herbs is a Berkeley herb store that provides herbal remedies, health accessories, party herbs and toys. The in-house tea shop provides alternatives for addictions of all kinds. The smoke shop serves the entire Bay Area with a convenient proximity to Berkeley and Oakland residents. Keep an eye out for Happy High Herbs as it searches for a new location in San Francisco.


Ethan Franc