Oakland Nonprofit Accounting Firm Nonprofit Suite Celebrates Six-Year Anniversary

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland nonprofit accounting firm Nonprofit Suite is excited to celebrate its sixth anniversary. Since its founding in 2006, the company has developed lasting relationships with numerous 501(c)(3) organizations by providing the high level of financial expertise needed to keep the organizations abreast of their budgetary situations, allowing the employees of the charitable organizations to focus on serving the community. Over the years, Nonprofit Suite has built a team of accountants solely dedicated to accounting for nonprofits. The company is so devoted about helping charitable organizations succeed, in fact, that it gives all employees two days off to volunteer their services at the nonprofit of their choice.

“We are proud and honored to have spent the last six years taking care of the accounts of nonprofit organizations,” says Annette Cook, the CEO and founder of the Oakland / San Francisco nonprofit bookkeeping company. “Our goal is to help nonprofits thrive by devoting our knowledge and skills to organizations’ accounting, leaving employees of the nonprofits free to follow their own passions.”

Although the idea of starting the Oakland nonprofit bookkeeping company didn’t germinate until late 2005, the seed was planted in Cook’s mind many years before. Her parents, who were both teachers, had been children during the Depression, and they always taught her the importance of pitching in and helping other people.

“Altruism is deeply rooted within me from my family upbringing. I was raised to believe in the importance of giving back to the community, and that belief has shaped my life,” explains Cook.

Cook received a Masters in Divinity from Emery University, and devoted herself to humanitarian work. Cook altruistic urge led her to become an administrative analyst at Newton Medical Group, where she knew she could have an impact on people’s lives by helping to create a healing environment for patients from all walks of life.

Cook wanted to learn more about increasing the effectiveness of caring organizations, so she went back to school, receiving and MBA from Golden Gate University in 1995. She then spent a decade as administrator for Bayside Medical Group, a pediatric and family practice that provides service to many uninsured and at-risk children. As COO, she helped grow the practice from 2 offices, 5 physicians, and 12 staff members to 10 offices, 35 physicians and approximately 170 staff members.

After leaving Bayside in 2005, Cook saw an opportunity to channel her love of helping people by providing bookkeeping services tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations. She realized one of the greatest challenges facing nonprofits is finding an Executive Director who has both the ability to help the organization succeed in its mission and the expertise to handle the financial side.

“The idea was to provide the technical expertise and accounting insights as needed, so that the executive director doesn’t need to have that kind of financial background,” Cook explains. “Most nonprofits can’t afford to have someone with those skills on staff.”

The response from the nonprofit world has been overwhelmingly positive, especially since the 2008 recession made fundraising more difficult for charities at the time their services were needed most. Cook has seen many nonprofits succeed in tough times by getting smarter about how to use and leverage outsourced talent and implement careful long-range planning. Nonprofit Suite gives clients real management tools and financial reports that allow the executives and board to understand the organization’s financial situation and make educated choices based on the data.

“One of my favorite sayings is that I have the best clients on the planet. They’re just giving it their all every day, even during tough times,” says Cook. “Working with people who are filled with that level of passion is inspiring, and the knowledge that we help them continue their great work is deeply gratifying.”

About Nonprofit Suite Nonprofit Suite is an Oakland/San Francisco nonprofit accounting, nonprofit bookkeeping, nonprofit payroll and nonprofit HR company whose mission is to help nonprofit organizations manage their finances and resources more effectively so those nonprofits can accomplish their goals and continue to grow and serve the community. Nonprofit Suite is proud to be 100 percent dedicated to providing services exclusively to nonprofit organizations.

For more information about switching nonprofit accounting firms, or for information about any of Nonprofit Suite’s services, call (510) 350-2000 or visit nonprofitsuite.com. Nonprofit Suite is located in Jack London Square at 510 3rd Street, Suite 200 in Oakland, California.


Annette J. Cook