Oakland Real Estate Company, The Grubb Company, Celebrates Bernard Maybeck’s 150th Anniversary

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland luxury real estate company, The Grubb Company, serving Berkeley, Oakland and Piedmont, recently celebrated Bernard Maybeck’s 150th anniversary by touring of one of Maybeck’s largest East Bay homes, the Guy Hyde Chick House in Oakland. A luminary of American architecture, Maybeck is described as independent, visionary, dramatic and eclectic, and is particularly prized in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the majority of his masterworks can be found.

“The character and soul of a Maybeck is truly unique, and I wanted our agents to experience the details that make Maybeck a true pioneer of today’s ‘green’ living movement,” DJ Grubb of The Grubb Company said.

Art collector Foster Goldstrum, who has been the owner and loving caretaker of this showcase for more than 30 years, was generous in providing a private tour. Mark Wilson, an architectural historian whose new book “Bernard Maybeck Architect of Elegance” was published last August, joined the group to share his insights into the full body of Maybeck’s work.

Shortly after touring the Guy Hyde Chick House, The Grubb Company was asked to list one of Maybeck’s most unusual homes, the Kennedy-Nixon house, also known as the Maybeck Recital Hall, on the north side of Berkeley.

The Kennedy-Nixon house has had only three owners. Built by the the Nixon family in 1914 as a live-in studio, it was designed to include a recital hall, a waiting area for students’ parents, a reception room with a small kitchen and an upstairs sleeping quarters. The recital hall, with its cathedral windows and clear-heart unfinished redwood paneling became well known for its pristine acoustics.

When Ms. Nixon died in 1980, jazz pianist Dick Whittington purchased the property with the intent of creating a commercial concert venue. Over the next 15 years, Concord Records recorded 42 solo piano recitals and 10 jazz duets in the Maybeck Recital Hall. Finally, in 1996, Gregory Moore, a young music composer, became the new owner after Dick Whittington put the Maybeck Recital Hall on the market.

“I believe that the house tells you about living in it, such as the way the sun moves through the house throughout the day, encouraging me to move with it,” Moore said. “After a while, I realized that without thinking about it, I started each day in the kitchen, moved to the living room and ended up in the Recital Hall at the west end of the house. Even after 15 years, there are things I learn about the house that surprise me.”

Angela Grubb, who will be representing Moore, sees this opportunity as an honor.

“What better way to celebrate Maybeck’s 150th anniversary than to help one of his homes find its new owner,” Angela Grubb said.

To learn more about Bernard Maybeck and his works, look for one of these books: “Bernard Maybeck Architect of Elegance” by Mark A. Wilson, 2011; “Bernard Maybeck: Visionary Architect” by Sally Byrne Woodbridge, 2006; and “Bernard Maybeck. Artisan, Architect, Artist” by Kenneth H. Cardwell, 1996.

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