Oakland Water Heater Repair and Oakland Tankless Water Heater Installation Company Announces Water Heater Repair Coupon, Tankless Water Heater Discounts

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland water heater repair contractors at Water Heater Masters of Oakland California are providing a winter discount and coupon program for Oakland water heater repair and Oakland tankless water heater installation through March 01, 2013. “Many people in Oakland have a leaky or half working water heater that needs repair,” says Kevin of Water Heater Masters in Oakland. “We want to help people in these economic times by offering a discount on water heater repair and tankless water heater installation in Oakland.” Kevin feels that many homeowners pass on routine maintenance on water heaters and other household appliances when money is short. “We provide many Oakland water heater replacement services to water heaters that could have been saved if only the proper repairs had been performed earlier.” Water Heater Masters of Oakland is offering a 20% off water heater repair coupon on all water heater repair service as well as a discount on all water heater replacements and new tankless water heaters in Oakland up to $300 off.

Tony Brossard of Oakland just took advantage of the Oakland water heater repair coupon currently being offered by Water Heater Masters of Oakland. “My grandmother can’t travel up and down the stairs and uses stair lift. She called me because she was hearing the water heater leaking. I called Water Heater Masters and they went to her house in Oakland in less than 15 minutes and stopped the leak. Even though it was an emergency they still gave me 20% off the water heater repair,” says Tony Brossard Mudshark.

Water Heater Masters recommends that you have your water heater inspected at the first sign of trouble. “If your water heater is leaking you should call an experienced water heater repair plumber immediately,” says Kevin of Water Heater Masters. “We replace way more water heaters than we would have to, if we were called when the water heater first started leaking or showing signs of needing repair.” An added benefit to replacing a hot water heater in Oakland may be an energy rebate. “We help our customers understand what type of energy rebate they may qualify for depending on whether they are installing a traditional or tankless water heater,” says Kevin. “No matter what type of repair is needed we are offering a coupon for Oakland water heaters.”

To learn more about the Oakland tankless water heater coupons and discounts offered by Water Heater Masters of Oakland please visit their website or view their local business profiles on Google and Yelp.


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