Oakland’s TechScribe Communications Emphasizes the Value of White Papers in Reaching New Customers and Boosting Sales

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oakland’s TechScribe Communications announces the importance of white papers to promote business in difficult economic times. The current economic climate is challenging. Moving forward, success is attainable but it depends on showing how the product or service aligns with a prospects business objective. A white paper is effective in emphasizing these points, in addition to highlighting successful practices and leveraging them for new realities.

When written as an authoritative report, a white paper will help decision makers understand how the product or service can improve their bottom line. Eccolo Media conducted a survey rating white papers as a moderate to highly influential tool in the purchasing process and B2B Magazine also recently recognized white papers as critical lead generation tools.

TechScribe has worked with public agencies and non-profits in developing effective white papers. We use a systematic approach that allows for key messages to stand out and be clearly understood. A typical white paper includes:          One-page executive summary          One-page introduction regarding business issues in the client’s industry          One to two page challenge statement, featuring current approaches          One to two page solutions detail, highlighting benefits          One to two page relevant client case study, indicating proof of the solution          One-page summary and conclusion, including call to action

TechScribe’s approach delivers high-quality white papers that will help to produce desired results. Our clients have given very favorable reviews regarding our services.

One client mentioned, “Working with a professional copywriter outside of our industry allowed for a fresh perspective and objectivity, contributing to a clear and concise white paper that an be used as a strategic tool to attract and influence new customers.”

To learn more about TechScribe’s copywriting services and how to engage them on a future white paper project, please call (510) 891-1981 or visit them on the web at http://www.techscribecommunications.com/.

About Techscribe Communications

The founder and principal of Oakland based TechScribe, Pam May, has more than 15 years of experience as a copywriter and communications strategist. TechScribe is a Limited Liability Company and is also a Solutions Provider for Constant Contact, leading email marketing, event marketing and online survey resource.


Pam May