Oakland’s Wing Town Café Introduces Fried Jumbo Prawns to its Chicken Wings Menu

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Wing Town Café, located in Oakland, specializes in premium Buffalo wings in 12 different flavors. As an independently owned and operated restaurant, they take great pride in providing high quality hot wings at affordable prices. They are always making sure that their menu fits the tastes of their loyal customers and with that in mind the restaurant has now introduced a new item.

Wing Town Café located in Oakland is introducing fried jumbo prawns. The tasty new item is available to be served as a regular side dish or in combination with their signature chicken wings plus a regular side dish and drink at an affordable price. The jumbo prawns are already a success as they had been tested by a few loyal customers before officially being added to the menu.

This is not the first instance of Wing Town Café listening to their customers. After being informed that their Inferno Sauce was not living up to its name, they made it hotter. When feedback came in that the baked beans lacked flavor, they changed the recipe. They even tweaked the potato salad upon customer request.

“We have had more and more customers ask if we are ever going to have anything new. While Fried Jumbo Prawns is the first major addition to the Wing Town menu, it is not the last,” said Calvin Andrews, owner of Wing Town Café. “We have a large following of customers that follow us on Facebook, Yelp!, and come eat with us often. These are the people who we appreciate and want to provide even more variety for them. We are now going to be the only wing place in the Oakland area that will serve Buffalo Chicken Wings and Jumbo Fried Prawns.” For more information on Wing Town Café, give them a call at 510-842-3510 or visit them on the web at http://www.wingtowncafe.com for their menu details. They are located at 1462 High Street, Oakland, CA 94601.

About Wing Town Café

Wing Town Café is a quick-serve restaurant specializing in Buffalo-style chicken wings. They have 12 delicious flavors to enjoy. As an independently owned and operated restaurant, they take great pride in serving high quality meals to every customer. Their hot wings are larger and the prices are lower than any other wing place in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wing Town Café provides large platters of hot wings at affordable prices for any occasion. Platters range from 100 to 500 wings.


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