Oaksterdam University Addresses “Why Quality Training Matters in a Growing Marijuana Industry” in First Blog Post

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Oaksterdam University has begun publishing a blog called Cannabis Industry Today. In its first post, the University addresses the need for quality training in a quickly growing and changing cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry is becoming big business. According to CNNMoney, Colorado alone is expecting an 18-month boost of more than $600 million in revenues and taxes from medicinal and adult use pot sales. And, the new legal recreational marijuana market in Washington State is expected to bring in about $190 million in fees and taxes over a four-year period beginning in 2015, according to the Huffington Post.

With an estimated $2 billion in annual sales nationwide expected from medical marijuana in 2014, the rapid growth of the U.S. marijuana industry is generating hundreds of new jobs now, according to High Times. Currently the most popular marijuana jobs are with dispensaries; jobs such as budtenders, cultivation experts, management, security, inventory and packaging, and administrative.

As one might expect, Colorado, California, Washington and Arizona are where the marijuana industry is booming right now. As more U.S. states legalize medical marijuana—23 states to date—the cannabis industry will continue to grow and present new business opportunities.

In addition to opportunities, and until states figure out how to regulate the industry, misinformation and ambiguous laws are prevalent. Launching a medicinal marijuana business or finding a job in the industry is likely to come with frustration without quality cannabis training.

Why is “quality training” in the cannabis industry important?

There are plenty of cannabis training schools popping up around the country. When looking for an institution worth its weight in value, be sure to shop around. Do thorough due diligence of your choices and look for reputable and experienced instructors. An institution committed to advancing cannabis policy reform and public awareness as well as cannabis education is likely to attract veteran industry professionals.

Changing laws can be overwhelming for medical marijuana businesses; they can also shut businesses down. A reputable institution will provide courses specific to marijuana business and legal issues.

Patients need high-quality medicine and courses focused on the end users are important, whether one wants to grow marijuana or dispense it to patients.

Receiving quality training and certification from a reputable cannabis college offers legitimacy, credibility, and professionalism. That’s a huge step up in a growing industry where many are scrambling to become part of it.

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