Olympic Athlete and Brooks Running Pro Join Berkeley Test All-Stars

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — The Berkeley Test All-Stars is intended to promote awareness of the importance of natural whole food diets rich in nitric oxide-potent vegetables as an important component to cardiovascular fitness. The very plant-based diets that are fueling the success of elite athletes can also improve cardiovascular health and wellness for all adults and children.

Berkeley Test All-Stars are:

UVA Cavaliers distance runner, Anna Corrigan UC Cal Bear and Marathoner, Elisa Karhu Brooks Beast Pro runner, Deborah Maier USA Olympian, JR Celski Inspirational coach of the DeMorra Speedskating Club, Wilma Boomstra

Anna Corrigan, a systems engineer graduate from the University of Virginia, has represented the Cavaliers at the ACC championships year after year as one of UVA’s outstanding scholar-athletes. Elisa Karhu, a past-University of California distance cross country star, gets closer to an Olympic trial cut as she runs a 2:45 marathon. Deborah Maier, all-American Cal record holder and Olympic trialist, only gets faster as she jumpstarts her Pro running career with the Brooks Beasts Track Club of Brooks Running Shoes. JR Celski, Olympic Medalist, brings home gold at the recent World Championships and is looking to dominate at the Sochi Games in 2014. Wilma Boomstra, internationally renowned speedskating coach and recipient of the USA Olympic coaches medal, begins to fine-tune the next generation of Winter game Olympians. To read more about why these athletes are Berkeley Test All-Stars go to Berkeleytest.com.

These new elite athletes join our veteran Berkeley Test All-Stars: Sofia Oberg, of the National Swedish Track team and past-UC superstar, continues to standout in the European racing circuit, John Dahlz, past-Cal Triathlon Coach-Athlete, dominates the Vineman Ironman competition for the third time, and William Huffman, Texas Aggie speedster, continues to move up in the rankings of the international triathlon World Cup competitions. Follow the Berkeley Test All-Stars on Facebook and Twitter to keep tabs on these Olympic hopefuls as they close in on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Games.

To optimize training and performance during competition, these elite athletes all recognize the importance of balanced whole food eating plans loaded with leafy green vegetables and beets which provide a natural source of inorganic nitrate. Vegetables rich in inorganic nitrate are the healthiest way to boost natural nitric oxide production in the body which has been shown to: increase the time-to-exhaustion, lower the need for oxygen during intensive training & long distance racing, elevate skeletal muscle oxygen delivery during exercise, and improve exercise tolerance.

In observing the eating behavior of successful athletes, their eating plan is not much different than the NIH DASH diet, Dietary Approach Stop Hypertension, except for the increased preference of leafy greens for their daily vegetable servings. A nitric oxide-potent modified-DASH diet loaded with beets and leafy greens, such as arugula, mustard and collard greens, kale, and spinach, provides a rich source of natural whole food derived-inorganic nitrate for nitric oxide production by the body.

According to Berkeley Test scientific advisors and athletes, there is shift underway from the consumption of highly processed high energy snack foods to natural whole foods; it is no longer unusual to see the energy sports drinks replaced by well-characterized natural organic beetroot juices or processed snack bars and gel-based food stuff substituted by the likes of organic spinach-arugula bagged salads or spinach-loaded smoothies. Incorporating more nitric oxide-potent plant-based foods into our diet is emerging as the next power food platform for sustained endurance in training and racing.

In 1998, the Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of nitric oxide as an important factor in cardiovascular health.    Today, we are learning that nitric oxide is naturally produced in our body and serves as a cardio-protective and cardio-enhancing factor.

Nitric Oxide levels rise and fall throughout the day, therefore, the challenge is to maintain a steady-elevated state. To ensure vascular fitness, you can now self-check your nitric oxide status derived from natural plant-based foods. Saliva Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Berkeley Test brings together nitric oxide rich foods with self-monitoring to optimize diets that promote vascular wellness & fitness.

To learn more about the athletic accolades of Berkeley Test's All-Stars and how they use Nitric Oxide Test Strips to track their Nitric Oxide levels visit us at Berkeley Test All-Stars at berkeleytest.com


Berkeley Test has been providing inexpensive saliva Nitric Oxide Test Strips to athletes as part of their training programs so they can measure and monitor the positive effects of a natural whole food diet rich in Nitric Oxide-potent vegetables. Recognizing the importance of monitoring saliva Nitric Oxide status for improving vascular health, wellness and fitness, Berkeley Test is now making their proprietary Nitric Oxide Test available commercially.

Discounts are available for athletic teams, corporate wellness program that promote cardiovascular fitness through plant-based diets, and school lunch programs to promote heart healthy vegetables are available upon request at info(at)berkeleytest(dot)com.

To complement the Saliva Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Berkeley Test, a free iPhone App, Nitric Oxide Tracker & Nitric Oxide Food Recorder by Berkeley Test, that records your nitric oxide status in context of the foods that you eat, is available at the App Store.

Berkeley Test is committed to shifting society's current practice of managing chronic disease to preventing disease by providing a family of affordable, do-it-yourself self-administered saliva tests to monitor the levels of natural metabolites or 'health biomarkers' that our body makes to maintain our health and wellness. Berkeley Test is a registered mark with the USPTO and ‘Salivary Nitric Oxide Test Strips for Monitoring Vascular Wellness and Cardioprotective Diets’ is patent pending, 2012.

For more information please visit us berkeleytest.com or visit us on facebook or Twitter @berkeleytest.


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