Olympic Games Marks New Standards in Athletic Training


Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — With each passing year, swimming as a sport continues to boom in popularity. And just as swimming continues to grow, so too has "Green" awareness. FINIS, Inc., the Worldwide Leader in Technical Swimming Development, saw their latest project as an opportunity to contribute to the "Green" movement and a way to accommodate the environmentally-friendly lifestyle of an increasing percentage of their customers, while still keeping in line with their mission to enhance the sport as a whole. It is no question that the clock will do just that. The Digital Pace Clock's robust and lasting design surely signifies another "pace" in the evolution of the sport.

About this time every four years, swimmers across the globe put in those final grueling yards, going that extra mile, or two, all to gain the fraction of a second edge they will need to make it to the top. Yet, a lot has changed in the sport over the years. Since the days of Mark Spitz, Mary T. Meagher, and even Janet Evans, we have seen not only the rules left in the wake, but the times as well. While world class athletes like Michael Phelps, 7-time Gold Medalist at the 2004 Summer Games, and Natalie Coughlin, 5-time Medalist at the 2004 Summer Games, are now redefining "humanly possible," companies like FINIS have also been vital in making these aquatic fantasies a reality. Founded in 1993 by Olympic Gold Medalist and Stanford University Team Captain, Pablo Morales, along with John Mix, FINIS has come a long way in their plight to advance the performance-training aspect of the sport – a feat they have been solely and noticeably dominating in the past few years. And as of August 2008, FINIS officially introduces their newest technological advancement, the solar powered Digital Pace Clock, to the swimming world.

The revolutionary clock combines the traditional analog set up, seen on most current pace clocks, with a digital interface. Swimmers and coaches will be able to better read and track send offs using the sweeping tick marks that revolve around the clock, while the two center digits provide accuracy and quick reading. The Digital Pace Clock weighs in at a whopping 60 lbs, while the fully integrated wheels and handle allow for easy transport and storage. The unit has a durable aluminum frame with a water-resistant and all-weather Plexiglas front. It's rechargeable Lithium ion battery stores power for up to 100 hours of continuous use, while solar panels within constantly recharge the battery in both natural and artificial lighting environments.

The green clock also comes equipped with LCD digit displays which allow for easy reading from multiple angles and varying distances. In addition, easy to access buttons help reset and switch between various modes. Most importantly, because the clock uses internal batteries, no wires are necessary! The Digital Pace Clock has an integrated stand for on-deck use or users can choose to mount the clock to a wall using the included mounting tools.

The most talented athletes in the world now use FINIS technical training equipment. Just as it seemed the technical leader in swimming development had thought of everything, with the addition of the Digital Pace Clock to their already innovative product line, FINIS continues to set new standards for how swimmers train. With the introduction of the Digital Pace Clock, FINIS will play an integral role in allowing another generation of young talent to outshine the accomplishments of those who came before. With so much progression the question arises, what's next for the sport? Step aside Pablo, and be ready Phelps, a new era of swimming has begun.

Digital Pace Clock                             The professional digital pace clock for the pool. Integrates an analog layout with the latest in digital LCD and Solar technology.

Product Features: Large, easy-to-read fixed and scrolling display. Offers varying functions by mode selection. Capable of withstanding hard impacts. Solar powered, environmentally friendly (no wires necessary). Self-rechargeable both outdoors and indoors. Integrated wheels and handle for easy transport and storage. Wall-mounting kit included. Great for both indoor and outdoor environments (operating temperature not to exceed 176%u02DAF).

Benefits: Does not use mechanical hands to track pace time (no broken clock hands). Utilizes "One-of-a-Kind" combined steady and rotating display (large, sweeping tick marks allow for quick and easy readings). Center digits provide accuracy for more consistent anticipation of send-offs and recording of finishes. Multiple setting options allow for different training purposes (center digits can display se


Katie Moeckel