On April, 22nd, Alameda, CA Trenchless Technology Manufacturer, TRIC Tools, Hosted Its Japanese Distributor for a Factory Tour and a Tour of the San Francisco Bay Area

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — TRIC Tools, a Northern California based Trenchless Pipe Bursting Technology and Environmental Solutions company recently hosted its Tokyo based Distribution partner Nippon No Dig from Japan. On April 22, 2014, TRIC, hosted Mr. Yasushi Ito, Mr. Oohira and their interpreter, Mr. Fujimari. Nippon visited TRIC’s new manufacturing facilities in Alameda, CA for the first time. Ward Carter, TRIC’s founder and CEO demonstrated TRIC's manufacturing process and some of TRIC's new pipe bursting protoypes for difficult underground construction projects.

Nippon No Dig is a subsidiary of Sekisui Corporation. Sekisui provides trenchless spiral wound pipe lining technology for rehabilitating underground pipes. Nippon has been working with TRIC Tools since purchasing TRIC’s M50 pipe bursting equipment in 2009.

Since 2009 Nippon has worked closely with Fuji Kogyo Construction and Keiyo Gas using and demonstrating TRIC’s pipe bursting technology to contractors in Japan replacing 50mm and 75mm natural gas lines. Also during this time, Nippon has been working closely with the Japanese government in order to allow use of ‘non-invasive’ trenchless technology for other infrastructure repairs in Japan. Mr. Ito has been active in these dialogues with pipeline regulatory personnel.

During Nippon’s visit TRIC’s Michael Lien, CFO, and Gregg Abbott, Director of Sales, hosted Nippon on a tour of the US Hornet at Alameda’s Naval Station and later took them to San Francisco for a tour Chinatown and North Beach neighborhoods. For lunch Mr. Carter, Mr. Lien and Mr. Abbott accompanied their guests to Alameda's Angel Fish Restaurant for numerous plates of Sushi hand picked by Ward Carter. "That Sushi is very excellent but I couldn't eat another piece," said Mr. Fujimari.

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Michael Lien


Michael Lien