“One Church // One Voice” Decries Egyptian Violence and Assaults on the Coptic Christian Church as “555 Days of Prayer to Save America” Reaches Day 168


Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) — One Church // One Voice [tearing down the walls between us], the global church unity, which is also the parent organization of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America's" planners, "Save America Gathering," http://www.saveamericagathering.com has issued a statement decrying the violence in Egypt. They say they especially decry the recent burning of numerous Coptic Christian places of worship.

The following Statement was released by One Church // One Voice/ADMIN:

"We, here at One Church // One Voice, decry the recent violence in Egypt, in which hundreds of persons have been slain. We particularly, however, decry the recent and ongoing violence directed against the Egyptian Coptic Christian Church, Christian Copts, and the destruction of Coptic churches and other church properties."

"As we pray for The Church of The Father, we take special time to call for fervent prayers for our Coptic brothers and sisters who are threatened and persecuted."

"We call, humbly, for Almighty God to insert Himself into this situation, and by His Holy presence bring justice and peace to the land of Egypt, in the name of His Son, Jesus."

Archangel Michael Church was burned down, along with Coptic churches at Rabaa Adaweya and Nahda squares; as were dozens of other Coptic Churches that were burned by mobs following the interim government's decision to raid Morsi supporters' camps, in Cairo, Egypt.

Last Wednesday, at least 638 people died when Muslim Brotherhood camps in Cairo were assaulted, in a move that sparked international condemnation. Over 830 people, including 70 police officers and military personnel, are reported to have been killed since Wednesday when the army cleared protest camps set up by Morsi supporters, a great many of whom were known to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood Party and movement. On Sunday, an additional 173 people died and over 1,000 Muslim Brotherhood supporters were taken into custody. Thirty-six protesters died in a prison van in the capital Cairo on Sunday.

Yesterday, two-dozen Egyptian policemen were killed in an ambush by militants in the Sinai peninsula.

The attack was reportedly on a police convoy, near the town of Rafah, on the Gaza border, and was one of the deadliest on security forces in several years. Following attack in Sinai, the Rafah crossing to Gaza was said to be closed, according to Frank Gardner, BBC security correspondent.

Egypt remains under an officially proclaimed "state of emergency" since the Egyptian military crackdown on the Islamist supporters of ousted President Morsi. Egyptian officials have ordered the detention of ousted President Mohammed Morsi extended for 15 days, while they investigate further the allegations against him.

"One Church // One Voice" has long decried the violence against Christians in persecution-ravaged Nigeria, where enemies of God, Boko Haram have conducted an Islamist insurgency against the Christian population. "One Church // One Voice" has been involved in relief operations, with Christian partners, in Edo and Bauchi States, Nigeria, over the past few years. The organization has provided bibles, relocated a church, built a church, relocated a Christian family, paid for two medical operations, paid maternity costs for two abandoned mothers, imported clothing into Nigeria, and assisted in the education of a Muslim convert to Christianity. A recent funding shortage necessitated the cessation of these relief operations. To help, you may donate through the "Save America Gathering" event website. Click on 'Partner with us' and 'Donations'. Although their 2012 event is past, the partners can designate donations for One Church // One Voice's financial needs. Partners may also mail donations to: One Church // One Voice, P.O. Box 1095, Martinez, CA, 94553-1095. Note: If you have difficulty with donations, please contact the organization using the provided contact information.

The organization has seen the impact of the Boko Haram insurgency on the Kingdom of God, firsthand. In a recent security and anti-terrorism breakthrough, Nigerian military operations against Boko Haram have reportedly resulted in the deaths of the group's leader and second in command, and the disruption of Boko Haram base areas.

"555 days of Prayer to Save America" is in day 168, today. The prayer initiative is in the third week of a hundred-day-long prayer asking God to forgive and have mercy for the sins and shortcoming of the Body of Christ, His Church. The prayers are also focused on asking God, Almighty, for merciful and forgiving hearts, within His people, His Church. To participate, view the attached "555 days of Prayer to Save America" documents, and join in willing prayer. For additional information, contact the organization using the enclosed contact information.


One Church // One Voice/Admin. / Robert Berry


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