One Church // One Voice Seeks to Continue Global Ministry Following Successful Participation in Washington, DC’s “Save America Gathering”

Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) —

One Church // One Voice is moving to resume global ministry activities. Global minitry activities of the California based non-profit had been diminished by the group's funding of a large portion of the October 20 Save America Gathering.

One Church // One Voice paid for several medical procedures for children and a teen mother, in Nigeria, including a life saving operation on a child. The organization formed a bond with a local Pastor, to whom they had shipped large print bibles. But One Church // One Voice staff were blessed to hear of how, after a flood, the kindness of this Nigerian Pastor led to conversion of some local Muslims to Christianity.

In the past, the organization has shipped tracts to Cote D'Ivoire, maintained a prayer ministry for the churches of India, attempted, unsuccessfully, fundraising for a church in Cyprus, and promoted and supported the beautiful worship ministry of Satellite Music, of Scotland. The group also prays against the persecution of Christians, worldwide, which they say is on the increase, everywhere.

Organizer, Robert Berry, explained the group's international reach, recently. "We formed this group because we wanted to be an agent of unity, within the Body of Christ. But, we found out that we were drawn into truly being Jesus Christ's hands and feet, here on Earth. So, even though we are a small group, we believe we are all one church, with one voice: the voice of the bible, the Word of God. There was no way we could overlook suffering if we could help, even if we could only help a little. One time, we didn't have money for bibles. The Nigerian woman who contacted me said God would find a way, and that we should pray, which we did. Amazingly, the Gideon Bible man came directly to her village, about four days later, and gave them all the bibles they needed, plus a supply to give to new believers. I believe our hearts were where God's heart was, on that."

Berry concluded, "What we have really learned is how much can be done with few resources, if one really makes an effort to do something, and how God comes along beside you, when you are doing His will.

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