Online Addiction Treatment Program Offers Free Therapy To Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans Just in Time For The Holidays


Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Lionrock Recovery, a new online addiction treatment company that uses state of the art video conferencing to provide outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, has launched its services with an offer of free treatment for U.S. military veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Peter K. Loeb, CEO and Founder, whose personal experience dealing with addiction in his immediate family led him to create the company, said: “I know the heartbreak of alcoholism and drug addiction. I lost my sister to addiction, and almost lost my daughter to it too. Our Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have served America bravely, and some will return struggling with addiction. At Lionrock, we want to show our appreciation by reaching out to help.”

Veterans wishing to participate in the program, which provides treatment they can access from the privacy of their own homes, need to contact Lionrock Recovery by calling 760.994.4990 or visiting

Lionrock Recovery’s Lionrock Intensive Outpatient Network (LION) is an online treatment program offered by secure video conference which will revolutionize outpatient treatment for addiction. Combining serious addiction treatment with the convenience and privacy of getting treatment online, LION will make it easier for people struggling with addiction to get the help they need. Lionrock clients stay connected to their lives while they heal, putting recovery lessons to work in their everyday lives right away. LION is safe and easy to use, offering great picture and sound quality. Combining this technology with Lionrock’s top addiction counselors creates a ‘best practices’ addiction treatment experience for Lionrock clients – from the privacy of home. Lionrock Intensive Outpatient Network features:

●    Serious Addiction Treatment Online From Home ●    Encrypted, HIPAA-Compliant, Information Systems and Video Conference ●    Best Practices Expertise ●    Top Addiction Counselors ●    Customized Treatment Plan For Each Client ●    Morning and Evening Sessions

About Lionrock Recovery’s LION Program

Lionrock’s LION program combines the best of both worlds: great online video conferencing technology and the best practices of modern addiction therapy. By eliminating travel to treatment, LION saves time, money, and greenhouse gas pollution from automobile use. Because clients participate in treatment from the privacy of home, using highly secure, HIPAA-compliant systems, LION makes getting help for addiction more confidential than in-person outpatient treatment.

LION is not “treatment-lite”. Lionrock provides therapy, education, and support at a level that’s comparable and even exceeds, the quality of work done in many outpatient, and even some residential addiction programs. The LION program offers a custom treatment plan for every client, because one size does not fit all when it comes to recovery. Lionrock’s addiction counselors are nationally-certified and highly experienced veterans of the addiction treatment field. Lionrock offers a “Best Practices” experience to clients of state of the art treatment methods and top addiction counselors.

Lionrock clients stay connected to their lives while they heal. Using LION, a person struggling with addiction can keep his or her participation in addiction treatment confidential, and keep going to work and meeting family and other obligations during treatment. Lionrock clients put recovery lessons to work in their everyday lives right away.

LION delivers treatment directly to clients wherever they may be, across the Internet by secure video-conference. All clients need to participate is a personal computer, a broadband Internet connection and a webcam.


Convenience         Serious Addiction Treatment from Home

Continuity        Stay Connected to Your Life While You Heal

Confidentiality        Highly Secure Online Systems

Customized Treatment    Best Practices Expertise

Clarity            Great Picture and Sound Means It’s Like Being There

What’s Required?

A personal computer, 3 years old or newer Broadband/high speed internet services – DSL, Cable, or faster. A fairly new webcam/microphone (mic is usually built in) A pair of earbud/iPod-sytle headphones

Program Details


Morning program 9:30AM-11:30PM

Evening Program 6:30PM – 8:30PM


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