Online Addiction Treatment Provider, Lionrock Recovery, Announces Certification by the State of California of Its Local Outpatient Program for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — In its primary mission, leading online addiction treatment program, Lionrock Recovery, provides addiction treatment by secure online video conference to break down barriers that often stop people struggling with drugs and alcohol from getting the help they need. The State of California’s certification of Lionrock’s local outpatient program, added to the Joint Commission’s accreditation of Lionrock’s online program earned in 2012, signals that the high level of quality of Lionrock’s programs is the same, however they are provided.

"We were honored when the Joint Commission accredited Lionrock’s online addiction treatment programs, and we are equally proud that California now certifies this same level of quality in our local programs,” said Lionrock CEO Peter Loeb. “We are honored by California’s certification of the quality of our care.”

Only a small fraction of the estimated 23 million Americans struggling with alcohol and drug addiction seeks help for their dependency. Well-documented barriers to getting help include the stigma of admitting they have a problem, lack of privacy when getting help, the high cost of treatment, and difficulty finding treatment that doesn’t disrupt their lives, whether physical access to treatment programs or enough time to dedicate to treatment.

“Many people now struggling with alcohol and drugs while juggling busy lives don’t get help at all because the available options are too costly, too time-consuming, and too public,” said Loeb. “Of course, some people need a higher level of care than an outpatient program provides. But Lionrock’s online addiction treatment programs can be a great option, delivering high-quality care from the privacy of home, at a very affordable price, with program schedules that fit busy people’s lives.”

For its online programs, Lionrock uses state-of-the-art online videoconference technology, encrypted for security and streamed in high-definition video (at 960p, comparable to the latest HDTVs at 1080p). All communications are handled by a HIPAA-compliant information system. Most potential clients already have everything they need to participate already: a cable or DSL Internet connection and a medium-age or better computer with a webcam.

About Lionrock Recovery Lionrock Recovery makes getting help for alcohol and drug problems easier by combining serious addiction treatment with the convenience and privacy of online therapy. Lionrock provides addiction treatment and support by secure video conference and smartphone application, and at its local office in Campbell, CA.

Lionrock Recovery’s programs are certified by the State of California, and accredited by the Joint Commission (, the nation's oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care, which accredits over 19,000 U.S. health care providers and facilities. Nationally-certified addiction counselors lead all group and individual sessions and create individualized treatment plans for clients which meet their specific recovery needs, conforming to the “best practices” treatment standards set out by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

For its online programs, Lionrock Recovery employs state-of-the-art online videoconference technology, encrypted for security and streamed in high-definition video, to provide an experience that is safe, secure, easy to use, and in harmony with the high standards of Lionrock’s clinical practices. To learn more about Lionrock Recovery, please visit:

About the Joint Commission Founded in 1951, The Joint Commission seeks to continuously improve health care for the public, in collaboration with other stakeholders, by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value. The Joint Commission evaluates and accredits more than 19,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States, including more than 10,300 hospitals and home care organizations, and more than 6,500 other health care organizations that provide long term care, behavioral health care, laboratory and ambulatory care services. An independent, not-for-profit organization, The Joint Commission is the nation's oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. Learn more about The Joint Commission at

About The California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) and California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs The Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) was established upon enactment of the Health and Safety Code, Division 10.5, Sections 11750, et seq., (Stats. 1979, Ch. 679). It was designated as the Single State Agency (SSA) responsible for administering and coordinating the State’s efforts in alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services. Effective July 1, 2013, ADP’s functions and programs were transferred to the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS).

Through its integration of ADP, CHHS will provide one state department for the substance use disorder system, aligned with federal and county partners, and will promote opportunities for improving health care delivery services to the benefit of communities and consumers with substance use disorders.


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