Online SEO and Internet Marketing Course Launched by Bay Area Search Engine Academy

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — The Bay Area Search Engine Academy, located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, has launched a new online training program for small business owners. The program is called Get Found Online Today, and it's designed to teach busy business owners how to market their business so that they're being found by their ideal customers.

Thomas Petty, President, said, "92% of the websites that I've looked at have problems that prevent them from performing properly online, which makes it hard for their ideal customers to find them or engage with them."

They have put together an online training program that allows those who join to watch the training videos at their convenience. The training modules all have worksheets and documents that participants can download to use while they're improving their website and other marketing materials.

The interactive system allows all participants to ask questions, comment and collaborate with each other on the material. Petty said, "By building an online community of like-minded business owners working together, they can learn together to get found by their ideal customers."

The training program's first three lessons have been offered at no cost to anyone who wants to sign up. It includes three lessons to help the participants easily learn how to:     Look for and diagnose engagement and navigational problems on their website     Identify and fix technical problems that prevent the websites from working on the search engines     How to search engine optimize the website properly

The lessons are designed so that anyone without a technical background can easily find the problems and either fix them themselves or work with their web designer to resolve them.

Petty is a trainer at the Bay Area Search Engine Academy, and has taught people from around the world how to market their businesses online. He is also an HFI-CUA® Certified Usability Analyst from Human Factors International, and is an expert in web usability and how websites should work.

"By building the foundation of a good basic design in trust and engagement on a website, fixing the easy technical challenges and doing some simple SEO, this can go a long way to help new customers to find and engage with the business," Petty said. "That's what we're building here."

The online course has already started, but business owners can still register until September 2 at no cost by going to

Petty said, "There are a limited number of spots left, but people can still register until we're full."

About the Bay Area Search Engine Academy

The Bay Area Search Engine Academy is part of the Search Engine Academy, a training company located in offices around the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. They teach a standardized curriculum at all their academies around the world. Thomas Petty is a Master instructor and popular public speaker who has taught SEO techniques to businesses from all over the world.

A free report, "10 Ways To Get Found Online Today" is available to the public by going to


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