OpenMic GameVoice Social Media Insights Report for March 2010 Now Available

Orinda, California (EastBayDaily) — Overtone™, Inc. a leading provider of integrated listening systems that deliver real-time customer intelligence to major consumer brand companies, today announced that its OpenMic GameVoice social media insights report for March 2010 is now available. GameVoice analyzes consumer conversations from popular social media video game communities and provides actionable insights to marketers, producers, designers and retail category managers.

The March report uncovers previously unavailable customer intelligence about the most talked about game publishers, recently released and yet-to-be released games, and chatter about retailers, among many other strategic topics. The monthly report includes over one hundred individual charts and analyses examining what drives game success based on the voices of millions of passionate gamers.

GameVoice also answers important questions that video game industry executives want to know such as, ‘What is the most talked about released game on the each of the major game consoles?’ “Which game do the most gamers want to buy for each console?”, “Which retailer do different console players talk about the most?”, “What is the most popular genre for each gaming platform?”, and “What do players like the most about God of War III?”

March Report Highlights

Publisher Insights:     

Michelle Mathis, Product Manager behind GameVoice, explains that the report offers insights from online conversations about game publishers, their new games and recent business decisions. ”In March, the most talked about publisher of games for the PS3 is Electronic Arts, with many discussions about Battlefield: Bad Company 2, released last month. Activision garnered attention in the gaming forums regarding management changes at Infinity Ward, and Sega was another hot topic after the release of Yakuza 3 with talk about differences between the Japanese and Western versions of the game. In summary, publishers were recognized not just for their release successes, but also for the management and content decisions they have been making.”

Released Game Insights:    Xbox 360

Mathis also adds, “Though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released back in November 2009, it is still the most discussed Xbox 360 game, followed by March 2010 release Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIII and Mass Effect 2. The top four games rank in the same order when filtered by intent to buy.” ‘The most discussed topic for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in March is the multiplayer aspect of the game. Gamers compare the game to other shooter games such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty 4. Conversation about cost peaked on March 15 just after the downloadable content was announced and again on March 30th when the downloadable maps were released.”

Upcoming Game Insights:    Nintendo Wii

Regarding upcoming game insights, Mathis said, “The May release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the most discussed upcoming Nintendo Wii game, followed by the April release of Monster Hunter Tri. The Grinder, a Wii shooter game scheduled for a 2011 release, comes in third, followed by the Wii exclusive Metroid: Other M, which will be released in June. Monster Hunter Tri and Super Mario Galaxy 2 lead in terms of intent to buy, followed by the seventh game in the Call of Duty franchise, which is expected in the fall.”

Retail Insights:     

Mathis concluded with comments regarding retail insights, saying, “Nintendo DS chatter was highest around the Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver release on March 14, when many Pokémon fans lined up to purchase the game either at midnight or early in the morning. Conversations also ensued regarding issues with Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver special promotions.”

About GameVoice

GameVoice is developed using Overtone’s OpenMic, an advanced listening system that applies artificial intelligence and a text analytics engine to automatically “read” online comments and determine actionable insights. GameVoice provides an in-depth analysis of millions of online consumer comments every month from the most popular social media video game communities such as IGN, GamesRadar, GameSpot and GameTrailers. GameVoice pinpoints and extracts significant topics, meaningful themes and sentiment for specific game titles, genres, publishers and platforms, and presents this data in an actionable and graphical format for video game industry professionals.

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To purchase a subscription at the introductory rate or to download a sample copy of the report, please visit . Custom insights reports are available for a more detailed look at specific games, industry trends, date or topic specific analysis, etc.

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