Operation Urban Rescue Disaster Training Helps Prepare Emergency Medical Response in California

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — On April 5th, Unitek Education is hosting Operation Urban Rescue, one of the largest multi-agency, mass-casualty training simulations ever held. This year’s scenario is focused around a large-scale military and civilian response to a simulated domestic disturbance in Fremont, California. Participants will respond to an armed insurgent threat, improvised explosive devices, hazardous materials, critical medical conditions, and a massive disaster scene. Operation Urban Rescue aims to prepare the community for a major disaster by facilitating collaboration between government and civilian emergency medical services.

This year’s annual Mas-Cal Training scenario features a huge disaster area, two scenario hospitals, an active ambulance circuit, dynamic extraction lanes, and a dedicated helicopter landing zone. We expect more than 500 attendees, including 20 government agencies, 280 live patients, 40 medical instructors, and 100 military personnel to attend Operation Urban Rescue. We are honored to expect Congressman Mike Honda's attendance at Operation Urban Rescue; his support is a testament to the importance of this training exercise for our community.

To best prepare future EMTs, Unitek Education’s EMT Boot Camp students and instructors participate in Operation Urban Rescue alongside military and civilian personnel. The training exercise allows students to utilize their CPR and EMT skills in a realistic environment before graduation. Exposure to the fabricated disaster scene and simulated critical injuries at Operation Urban Rescue helps future EMTs prepare for an emergency medical services career. Unitek Education is dedicated to organizing future collaborative events that not only provide valuable training for the agencies involved, but enhance the safety of the community as a whole.

Last year’s event, Operation Rolling Chaos, exceeded expectations. More than 400 people attended, including 100 military personnel and 200 live patients. Attendees of note included Congressman Eric Swalwell and Mayor Bill Harrison of Fremont, as well as multiple Fremont emergency service organizations. News media provided extensive coverage of Operation Rolling Chaos, including local ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates.

Founded in 2004, Unitek Education's EMT Training division's mission is simple: Train the next wave of elite EMT professionals. Unitek Education’s 14-Day EMT Training Boot Camp is an extraordinary program which prepares students for their NREMT over 2 weeks of intense training and real-life simulations. For more information about the 14-Day EMT Training Boot Camp, call 888-790-1458.

For more information about our annual mass-casualty training events, please visit mascaltraining.com.


Meeta Sandhu