Opinionmeter Releases New iOS Survey App with Advanced Offline Survey Capabilities

San Leandro, California (EastBayDaily) — The latest iOS survey app released by Opinionmeter International introduces enhanced offline survey capabilities. Once the survey app has been synced with the web-based SurveyManager, the device can function independently from the web. All the survey apps advanced features such as changing locations, branching and skip patters, even the inclusion of images and media within the survey questions and responses is now possible without needing access to an Internet connection.

In contrast to online surveys, when a survey app is installed on the device it solves most of the issues suffered by mobile web surveys (online surveys optimized for mobile browsers). When you have a resident app running on a device, there are many advantages such as application speed, access to advanced features (e.g. media capture, branching, multimedia, etc.) and of course avoiding the disruption of a survey when an Internet connection is lost or slow. Opinionmeter’s mobile survey app is designed in such a way that a researcher can walk in and out of connectivity range without the app missing a beat – if no Internet connection is detected the app automatically stores the data locally on the device and will upload that data at a later time whenever connectivity resumes. All this occurs in the background without disrupting the researcher or compromising the survey apps functionality.

“Lately we’ve been noticing a surge of interest in our offline survey apps. When taking a look at the inquiries for our mobile research solutions, we’re finding one of the dominant client requests is for mobile survey devices that have the ability to run in both online and offline modes.” explains Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter International.

Opinionmeter continues to demonstrate its commitment to developing advanced market research software for mobile devices. Opinionmeter’s mixed-mode customer survey software supports a wide variety of survey solutions including: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile PDA, Tablet PC, Survey Kiosks as well as Mobile Web, Online surveys and even scannable Paper Surveys (the Android survey app is currently in development).

Opinionmeter’s survey software is helping organizations of all sizes gather real-time point-of-service customer satisfaction feedback. Opinionmeter’s solutions are widely used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, food service, financial services, the public sector and higher education. They have licensees and equipment in use in countries throughout the world. They are committed to helping organizations gain valuable real-time point-of-experience feedback from their customers.

About Opinionmeter Opinionmeter International is a leading provider of technology-based customer satisfaction market research tools, with an emphasis on mobile market research solutions. With a range of interactive survey devices, Opinionmeter enables its clients to capture real-time ‘voice of the customer’ feedback at the point-of-experience (the moment the customer experiences the product or service). Built as a mixed-mode feedback platform, Opinionmeter can deploy its customer survey software onto a wide range of devices (including mobile phone, iPad, iPod, iPhone, PDA, tablet PC, survey kiosk devices), providing maximum flexibility and device independence.

More information, including an online web-demo and Guided Product Tour are available at http://www.opinionmeter.com

Media Contact: Morgan Strickland Opinionmeter International 510-352-4943, x101 morgan(at)opinionmeter(dot)com


Morgan Strickland
Opinionmeter International