OreObject Soars to Top of the Luxury Ergonomic Mouse Market with Introduction of SPHERE 2

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — The trend of inspiring creativity and stimulating the senses, by offering users the ultimate mousing experience continues with the SPHERE 2 mouse. Capitalizing on the success of the SPHEREtouch product line, OreObject designers have created a successor mouse that takes the elegant sensibility and ergonomic design of the SPHEREtouch several steps further.

SPHERE 2 offers all of the functionality of the SPHEREtouch, re-imagined in a body constructed of surgical grade stainless steel – the ultimate choice for luxury, durability, and health safety. Features and functionality are enhanced as well, with the introduction of 3-stage, on-the-fly resolution adjustment; four-way navigation; and a detachable, braided, tangle-free USB cord. These factors combine to create a stunning product, which further demonstrates the care that the OreObject team puts into their user friendly, smart designs.

When Charles Tseng founded OreObject in 2009, he recognized the need for a visually beautiful and tactically excellent mouse. A designer and architect by training, Tseng set out to make a product that would be superior in both form and function, and he succeeded by creating the SPHERE 2. The SPHERE 2 mouse offers an optional, more natural, fluid way to navigate. Its touch sensitive buttons require minimal exertion, and the orb design allows fingers to dangle freely when not mousing. The SPHERE 2 simply lets users work smarter, faster, and more comfortably.

One of the functionality enhancing features of the SPHERE 2 is the easy-spin scroll wheel. This feature allows the user to easily scroll up and down, or side to side, simply by spinning, or pressing down, on the top of the sphere in the desired direction. This fluid, relaxing motion allows rapid movement through a document with virtually no exertion needed. The SPHERE 2 also offers “Duo Mode” selection to allow users to truly customize their navigational experience. Users can choose to control the mouse via touch, a more natural and relaxed approach, or by click, a more traditional approach.

OreObject peripherals scroll alone in terms of their superior design, hand-assembled instrumentation, and clean, elegant appearance. Materials are selected with the utmost sensitivity to health, safety, and recyclability. They are ideally suited to a range of users, from the stylish, quality-oriented executive, to the avant-garde, trendsetting, small business owner. It makes a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates elegant design and modern comfort.

Mr. Tseng anticipates an extremely successful rollout for the SPHERE 2, given the wild popularity of its predecessor, the SPHEREtouch, with an elite group of celebrities and athletes, many of whom have purchased customized versions. SPHERE 2 is exceptionally functional, aesthetically delightful, and is perfect for corporate gifting.

The SPHERE 2 is available enrobed in three precious finishes: titanium, priced at $185; 24K gold, priced at $290; and platinum, priced at $320. Each comes with its own hand-sewn carry pouch – microfiber for the titanium model, and suede for the gold and platinum models. A tangle-free, braided USB cord and a user’s manual – which seems superfluous for an item as intuitive as the SPHERE 2- are also included with each order. All models are available for pre-order now on OreObject.com. The first 1,000 customers to pre-order will receive their purchase before Dec. 15th.

About OreObject: OreObject has melded fluidity of design with environmental sensibilities, to result in a timeless, modern mouse, worthy of a spot in any boardroom, office, or home where functionality, form, and safety are foremost considerations – and where creativity flows. Their luxury design places them in the same category as other iconic designers across all industries, whose products convey the image of superior form, exquisite functionality, and lasting elegance. For specific product details, please visit OreObject.com.

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Charles Tseng