Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising Announces New Fitness-Oriented Incentive Program

San Leandro, California (EastBayDaily) — Otis Spunkmeyer®, the leading cookie dough fundraising company, announced the release of their new incentive program for youth fundraising, Go-Sell-Win. Available free of charge to organizations sponsoring a fundraiser, the Go-Sell-Win cumulative fundraising incentive program will help motivate kids to support their group’s fundraiser.

Driving a strong participation rate – that is, the proportion of kids that actually sell product for a group fundraiser – is the number one factor that can make the difference between a mediocre fundraiser and a successful event. If every child participates in selling, then schools and other organizations can achieve record-breaking fundraisers. All too often, however, incentive programs place unreasonable targets for students to achieve, and the prizes are often cheap and breakable.

“Having gone through fundraising with my own children, I know how important it is to keep children as well as parents motivated and excited about a cookie dough fundraiser,” said Liz Rayo, Director of Marketing for Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising. “With achievable goal levels and in-demand prizes, this fundraising incentive program is a great fundraising idea for schools, youth athletic teams, dance studios, and other youth organizations needing to raise money. The incentives work great across a range of seller age levels and promote an active lifestyle.”

Already, the program is proving to be popular with students participating in school fundraising. It offers active wear and fitness related items that kids and parents can use when engaging in outdoor and physical activities. The cumulative nature of the program allows sellers to earn up to four cool prizes for meeting specific fundraising sales hurdles. The incentive plan is free to organizations holding a cookie dough fundraiser with Otis Spunkmeyer.

Fundraising groups like schools, non-profits, and churches interested in running an Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser can visit Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising Ideas online, or call 888-ASK-OTIS (option 3).

About Otis Spunkmeyer Otis Spunkmeyer, a Northern California-based baked-goods manufacturer, markets a trusted brand name in the food and snack industry. With the #1 selling cookie dough in foodservice, the Otis Spunkmeyer brand has come to be recognized by consumers as synonymous with quality baked goods. Otis Spunkmeyer frozen cookie dough and other high quality baked goods are the most delicious choice for fundraising programs, and can also be found in foodservice and retail outlets throughout the country. Visit them online for fundraising ideas, product information, innovative recipe ideas and recipes from Otis Spunkmeyer.


Liz Greene
Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising