OttoCat Solves Five Year Pile: iTunes App Store’s Big, Messy Problem

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Five years after its inception, the number of apps in the iTunes App Store has grown exponentially, to over 900,000 apps. But as the App Store has expanded, Apple’s search categories have not kept pace. When the App Store started, the roughly 20 categories were fine for holding a few hundred apps. Today, they’re completely insufficient, and there’s no good way to discover apps beyond the top 0.5% of apps in the store.

OttoCat, a new service available at, is bringing much needed change to how users discover apps in the Store. The free service leverages its proprietary automatic categorization system to organize the entire App Store using sophisticated language analysis. By organizing every app in the store into rich, nested categories, exploring apps with OttoCat is as easy as browsing the aisles of a well-organized store.

Edwin Cooper, CEO of OttoCat, explains: “With OttoCat, every single app in the store can be found with just a few clicks. Users can drill down into their area of interest, and find whole categories of apps they never imagined existed.”

For example, in today’s App Store, diving into the Music Category would surround you with over 30,000 apps. If you’re like most users, you’d only review the top 100 or so most popular Music apps, and ignore the rest. But with OttoCat, you could dive into deeper Music categories like Drums or Piano, and then go further into Drum Kits or Piano Sheet Music.

OttoCat provides an unprecedented system of organization that benefits consumers and developers alike. For the first time ever, users are able to clearly and easily navigate through the entire store, finding apps that are nearly impossible to come across with existing search and discovery options. As the store continues to grow, OttoCat will prove to be a vital tool to allow users to benefit from all the store has to offer.

About OttoCat

Founded in 2012 by successful entrepreneurs Edwin Cooper (CEO) and Michelle Cooper (COO), OttoCat offers the first technology to automatically categorize the entire contents of Apple's iTunes App Store, allowing users to easily navigate and browse for apps. This new Taxonomy Browsing Platform automatically generates categories and subcategories, giving users an inside look at the store and opening its doors for discovery. Prior to OttoCat, Edwin Cooper founded InQuira, a knowledge management platform provider serving Fortune 500 clients including Apple, Fidelity and Honda. InQuira was acquired by Oracle in 2011. Cooper's expertise in Computational Linguistics and Information Retrieval uniquely positioned him to develop OttoCat's breakthrough proprietary technology. OttoCat is available at, is free to use and shows no ads. OttoCat is based in Berkeley, California.

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