oWp Wearable Candles at the Oscars?

Canyon, California (EastBayDaily) — oWp, objects with purpose, the wearable candle chosen by Sultan of swag, Lash Fary, to be part of "everyone wins at the Oscar's" exclusive bag worth $80,000.

Local Los Angeles artist Ianthe Mauro personally prepared the exclusive candle gift packs. Organic vegan coconut butter blend candles double as solid perfume when cool, warm massage oil when lit.

Why create a purposeful candle?

Ianthe's kindergarten teacher lit a candle before lunch at her Waldorf school. This moment of showing gratitude grew. Lighting a candle became Ianthe's way of giving thanks, focusing on an intention, creating warm fragrant ambiance, and calming down at the end of a long day.

As an adult, Ianthe discovered many of the candles she'd been lighting were toxic.

Researching the safest cleanest candles to burn for her family, she discovered organic coconut butter wax.

With 8 luxurious essential oil fragrance blends and 4 sizes to choose from, fans of high quality clean burning candles can take some home for themselves. Shoppers visiting objects with purpose website can order the limited edition Oscar swag bag candle set while supplies last.

objects with purpose the wearable candle made in the USA.

Objects with purpose wearable candles encourages everyone to make a wish on the flame, like on your birthday cake, every time you light a candle.


Ianthe Mauro


Ianthe Mauro

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