“Pacha’s Pajamas” eBook Debuts to Combat Nature Deficit Disorder in Children


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Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — “Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature,” part of an unprecedented edutainment platform that connects ecology and entertainment, debuted its eBook version last month, garnering critical praise from leading children’s authors and environmental advocates. The story, considered a hip “Jungle Book” for the modern age, details a city girl’s dream in which animals and plants from her new pajamas come alive to defend Mother Earth at the greatest nature festival ever. Pacha enters the dream as a little gorilla but eventually reveals her human self and helps to unite all species. By encouraging children to imagine themselves as part of nature, “Pacha’s Pajamas” aims to combat the growing rise of Nature Deficit Disorder in kids.

Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD), is a term originally coined by Richard Louv in his acclaimed book, “Last Child in the Woods.” It describes a set of behaviors by children who spend little time in nature due to parental fears and/or hours of daily screen time. Louv suggests a lack of unstructured time in nature may promote behavioral problems, attention disorders and depression. With an accompanying animated short film and music single, a Web site with fun eco-facts, naturalist games and forthcoming curricula, “Pacha’s Pajamas” encourages and inspires young people and families to increase time spent in nature.

In addition, “Pacha’s Pajamas” aims to inform and connect children and families with worldwide environmental issues as well as the movement to support universal Nature’s Rights initiatives.

“This story about a little girl’s dream–where all species unite to support a healthy planet–will play a catalytic role in building our movements for change. Please invite everyone you know to buy this book,” says Van Jones, former Obama adviser and best-selling author of “The Green Collar Economy.” Acclaimed author of children’s book “All the Way to the Ocean,” Joel Harper shares, “Pacha’s Pajamas” is an eloquently written and timely fable that will not only inspire children and adults to dream of a healthier, more sustainable planet, but also inspire them to take action!”

The “Pacha’s Pajamas” eBook, animated short and music single are currently available at Pacha’s Store as well as through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. It is downloadable on eBook readers, computers and mobile devices in both English and Spanish. Interactive apps and illustrated audiobook with musical soundtrack are forthcoming, as well as educational curricula for schools, parents and caregivers.

About BALANCE Edutainment BALANCE Edutainment is a Oakland, Calif.-based social enterprise that is creating a series of edutainment platforms to “crank up the volume” on the unheard voices of nature. Through its partnerships and “Pacha’s Pajamas” products, including an eBook, interactive apps, audiobook, live performance and film, BALANCE Edutainment intends to reach 100 million young people and their families over the next four years, helping to change the course of social and environmental history and popularizing the global acceptance of Nature’s Rights. A large percentage of profits will be donated to aligned charities.


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