Padi-Lock Increases Patient Safety and Reduces Legal Liabilities by Reducing I.V. Tube Related Entanglement, Impingement and Death


Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Padi-Lock, LLC (, designer and manufacturer of the Padi-Lock I.V. tube length adaptor, is now actively distributing the Padi-Lock to hospitals, VA’s, Pediatric Centers, and Home Health (HME) throughout the United States. The patented Padi-Lock is a safety apparatus that efficiently reduces up to 32 inches in excess length in I.V. lines while keeping the I.V. lines separated in patients requiring more than one I.V. line. The Padi-Lock reduces commonly entangled I.V. lines and incorporates a transparent design to easily monitor the flow of fluids. The Padi-Lock also allows for greater patient comfort and safety by decreasing the possibility of an accidental dislodgement of their IV by either themselves, medical personal or visitors.

Features of the Padi-Lock:     Allows for safer and easier patient mobility     Reduces up to 32 inches of excess length in I.V. lines     Transparent design for easy monitoring of fluids     Hangs freely on I.V. line (no mounting required)     Multiple Padi-Locks can be attached to one another for additional line monitoring and control      Easily fits into a back pack for home health patients

Entanglement of I.V. lines is a growing concern throughout the United States and has been the culprit to multiple cases of medication administration errors, medical line disconnections, as well as, death due to strangulation among infants. The Padi-Lock solves these problems by eliminating the cost and time required in restarting the I.V. access, whether it is a central line, peripheral or P.I.C.C. line.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1.7 million people are diagnosed with Nonsocomial infections (Hospital Related Infections) costing the health care industry ranging from $4.5-$11 billion annually. These infections can start with I.V. and catheter lines becoming dislodged, allowing the body to be susceptible to infection. The Padi-Lock was designed as a safety device to help prevent medical staff and patients from accidentally tripping or otherwise dislodging the I.V. line from the patient unintentionally, reducing the unwanted removal of an I.V. line which raises the risk of infection.

Padi-Lock, LLC develops, manufactures and distributes medical line length adaptor safety products. The Padi-Lock was designed by a registered nurse who recognized a need in effectively securing excess I.V. lines when patients are in bed, mobile, or in transport. To learn more or purchase the Padi-Lock for your institution, please visit our website at or contact Mike Heckly at mike(at) or (650) 567-0061 X304.


Mike Heckly