Paperless Dental Practice Showcased In Mobile Dental Office

Dublin, California (EastBayDaily) — Tomorrow’s Dental Office Today, a mobile dental office visiting Fresno State University on October 26-27, 2007, and provide free dental care to children in need and features the technologies of a modern dental practice. Dentists can see first-hand how MedicTalk’s document management system, DentForms, in combination with Interlink Electronics’ IntegriSign e-signature software and ePad-ink–an electronic signature capture device -can make a completely paperless practice a reality.

“I implemented MedicTalk DentForms and Interlink Electronics technology over two years ago,” explains Dr. William Busch, from Kansas City, the founder of TeamSmile. “Having a paperless office has a number of benefits: I have reduced my operating costs by at least $2000 per month and my staff and patients are happy with the more efficient process.”

Dentists are required to capture their patients’ signature on a number of documents including: health history forms, insurance forms, HIPAA, and other informed consents documents. They must also apply their own signatures to medical and dental histories as well as clinical and progress notes. The need for a signature forces a paper form to be printed, signed and then either stored in a cabinet or scanned. With MedicTalk DentForms and Interlink’s ePad signature device and IntegriSign software, a truly paperless office is just a click away.

About TeamSmile TeamSmile™ is a non-profit organization that provides quality dental care to underserved populations. By teaming up with major sports organizations, and encouraging volunteerism within the dental community, TeamSmile provides free oral health education, screening, and treatment for children who might not otherwise receive it.

Electronic Signature Technology ePad-ink is an LCD electronic signature capture device that provides interactive visual feedback and an ergonomic design for ease-of-use and true-to-life signature quality. Information such as name, time, date and affirmation text can be displayed for greater signing context. And the ePad-ink’s ability to capture the biometric information associated with the individual’s signature (X and Y coordinates, signing velocity and pressure) ensures the signature cannot be repudiated. The ePad-ink comes bundled with Interlink’s IntegriSign Desktop esignature software. IntegriSign Desktop encrypts and permanently embeds the signature in the document, along with additional signature data such as date and time.

About MedicTalk DentForms MedicTalk DentForms is the most complete “paperless office” package on the market today. It seamlessly integrates with most patient management systems. DentForms software allows patients to fill out digital questionnaires and consent forms in the office, or at home over the Internet, and sign them electronically without ever touching a piece of paper. Offices can modify or customize existing pre-loaded forms and create new digital forms. DentForms reduces supply costs, is easy to use, and staff members love its’ simplicity.

About Interlink Electronics, Inc. Interlink Electronics, Inc. (LINK.PK) provides the financial services industry as well as the healthcare and government sectors with the electronic signature platform needed to eliminate paper from critical business processes. Interlink’s complete solution including e-signature software, hardware, and services allows organization to implement end-to-end electronic processes no matter where the signing takes place: in-branch, in-the-field or online. Headquartered in Camarillo, California, Interlink Electronics, Inc. also has offices in Japan, Hong Kong, and China.

About MedicTalk Software MedicTalk Software, Inc. is the leading provider of electronic document management solutions to the health care and dental industries in the US and Canada. We specialize in the development of applications, which help practices implement electronic signature technologies and bring them closer to a truly paperless environment. Our products seamlessly integrate with different medical applications, allowing electronic signatures to be added to any document in your office. We are committed to developing the highest quality products and services for our customers.

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