“Passed the five-million pound mark; big Thank You to all who donated clothing into our boxes!” says Campus California.


Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Campus California, a non-profit organization running clothing donation programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Phoenix, AZ reports that the volume of donations of clothes and shoes since January this year has passed the 5 million pound mark in September and it’s on track to exceed the 7 million pounds collected in 2010.

It seems that despite the slow economy Californians are still willing to empty their closets if it’s easy, convenient and for the right cause. “We have expanded the collection area to new cities like Richmond or South San Francisco after new zoning regulations allowing donation boxes in these cities were approved. Many thanks to the thousands of people that dropped off their used clothing into our donation boxes and to businesses that allowed the boxes to be placed on their property!” says Jan Sako, the expansion manager for Campus California. Several other cities are considering similar changes as obsolete municipal ordinances get updated to current standards. There are a number of benefits for a city in having a well-established and professionally run textile collection program. “Many Bay Area cities realize that a certain volume of business (revenue) is lost when residents go to the next city to donate clothes to a box and then choose to patronize the hosting business as well”, says Sako.

About Campus California: Campus California services the largest number of clothing donation boxes in the San Francisco Bay Area. More than one thousand locations are available for the public’s use 24/7 and more are being added all the time. Campus California collects clothing, shoes, books and toys for its reuse and recycling. As a non-profit organization, Campus California uses the proceeds from the sale of collected clothing to support recruitment and training programs for Development Instructors, dedicated international volunteers who work with sustainable development projects in different parts of the world. Since the start of the program in 2003, this organization has collected over 10,000 tons of donated clothing; in April 2011 a new branch was opened for collecting clothing in the metro area of Phoenix, Arizona.


Jan Sako
Campus California