Patient Education Service From Vivacare Highly Rated by Doctors: Survey Shows Opportunity for Pharmaceuticals to Distribute Product Information to Patients

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Vivacare‘s patient education service is praised by physicians as a benefit for patients and their practices, according to a recent online survey. Participating physicians also expressed value in delivering medication information from pharmaceutical manufacturers that can help patients understand their treatment.

Vivacare provides physicians with personalized patient handouts (“eHandouts”) that can be easily displayed on the doctors’ own websites for convenient access by patients. Following office appointments, doctors tell patients to refer to their own websites to learn about their diagnosis and treatment options. Pharmaceutical and medical device firms are provided the opportunity to distribute product information and medication rebate coupons through Vivacare’s patient education platform.

A September survey of physician users of Vivacare showed that over 90% appreciate the patient education service. More than 95% of the doctors stated that the Vivacare service improves clinical care, patient satisfaction, and patient convenience. In addition, over 90% of respondents stated that the information they receive improves medication compliance.

When asked what medication information would be most helpful for their patients, physicians said they would like instructions on how to use the medication (93%) and how the medication works (95%). Importantly, 90% said that rebate coupons regarding the medications they prescribe would be a “helpful” or “very helpful” addition to their website. Simply put, doctors find that having medication information available online for their patients to be of significant value.

When asked how patients benefit from Vivacare’s patient education service, doctors mentioned several critical factors. Top among these was increasing their patients’ understanding of treatment options (87%) and helping their patients to manage their condition (76%).

“This is one of the best things we have done for our practice”, said Eliot Mostow, M.D. of Akron Dermatology who has made Vivacare patient handouts available on his dermatology practice Website.

“Physicians remain the most trusted source of health information, but often lack the time and resources to consistently educate their patients.” said Dr. Mark Becker, pediatrician and founder of Vivacare. “Vivacare makes it easy for physicians to offer their patients practical and relevant health information that improves clinical care, patient satisfaction and medication adherence.”

About Vivacare

Physicians enroll for Vivacare to enhance their own websites with in-depth and up-to-date health information regarding the conditions they treat and medications they prescribe. Upon enrollment, physicians gain access to hundreds of personalized patient handouts relevant to multiple medical specialties, including allergy, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, ob-gyn, pediatrics and primary care.

Health organizations that value the physician-patient relationship, such as pharmaceutical firms, health agencies and patient advocacy groups, are invited to make information regarding their products or services available through Vivacare, accessing patients at the point of care.

Vivacare is a physician-founded patient education company based in Berkeley, CA. For more information about Vivacare, visit, call (510) 848-8192, or send email to partnership(at)vivacare(dot)com.


Mark Becker, M.D.