Patricia Sun Announces Free Preview Conference Call, Oct 15, 2014, 12 pm PST, for New Teleseminar – Relationships and Matching Energy: The Good, the Bad and the Wonderful

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — A free preview conference call will be held on Wednesday, October 15, 2014, at 12 pm PST to answer questions about Patricia Sun's new teleseminar titled Relationships and Matching Energy: The Good, the Bad and the Wonderful. An audio recording of this conference call will be available. Register at Ms. Sun will introduce her insights on wonderful win-win relationships, expanding on empowering both men and women. She will also draw on concepts from her new blog, Domestic Abuse…"it's complicated".

Patricia will conduct the teleseminar on Wednesday evening, Oct 22, 2014, at 5:30 pm. "I am so excited about the 'Relationships and Matching Energy: The Good, the Bad and the Wonderful — Transforming Domestic Abuse by Societal Maturity into Social Consciousness' teleseminar because we're in the midst of an evolutionary leap, and the events of our time are pushing us to grow.

"The great power of relationships is connection.

"When we connect at the level of respect, and love, and creative solutions, we are empowered. It's so much better than matching energy at the level of powerlessness and manipulation — all under the delusion it will keep us safe. It is in understanding this and living the change — that we will be able to restructure how we ask for what we need. This is how we end the syndrome of violence. That is the fuel for the evolutionary leap." said Patricia.

"The guide for self-correction is away from that which harms others and us. Our job is to see ourselves. Friends and lovers kindly help each other. You are sitting in the piece of the planet you have true control over. In the end, we are all learning to bring light into life." she added.

Testimonials on the wisdom of Patricia:

"You have released an anxiety and fear that was with me all my life." —Buckminster Fuller

"I am eternally grateful to Patricia Sun, for the love and guidance she has contributed to my life. But most of all for being the brightest light, an example of what we can all be." —Linda Evans, actress, excerpted from her book, Inner and Outer Beauty

"Patricia Sun is a solar light of consciousness whose wisdom rays cover the world. Everywhere I travel through out the earth, I find people whose lives have been enhanced and transformed by her luminous work." —Jean Houston

To view an introductory video, go to

Patricia Sun is a philosopher, an ethicist, a leader, an innovator, a speaker, a teacher, a problem-solver, and a communication expert of a new way to live. In Patricia's teleseminars, people call to talk about problems and ask questions, innocent and deep, creative and brave, philosophical and spiritual. Patricia is a scientific mystic who explains paradox and transcends dualistic thinking. She is genuine, supportive, intuitive, and helpful; her extra ordinary philosophy of consciousness emanates from her, and her ability to be present, clear, and articulate enables her to cut through rhetoric to the heart of the matter, empower and heal.


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