Peco Controls Introduces the Next Generation of its Popular FillTrac Fill Level Monitor

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Leveraging over 30 years of fill level monitoring experience, Peco Controls is proud to announce its next generation FillTrac fill level inspection monitor. The new FillTrac is designed to be exceptionally reliable and easy to use. It employs an automatic learn feature for new containers. The settings for the new products are automatically loaded – it is as simple as pressing the “Start” button and following on screen step by step instructions. Absolutely no manual configuration is needed to get an accurate fill level reading.

The Filltrac’s robust design allows it to support a variety of inspection types: overfill, underfill, minimum solids or head space verification. The new FillTrac also supports extensive data recording and analytics for evaluation of filler performance.

Peco Controls offers the FillTrac in either gamma or x-ray versions. Operators of existing gamma FillTrac systems benefit from a trade in credit when they buy a new FillTrac system. Peco will ensure that your gamma source is properly retired eliminating any additional source disposal costs if upgrading your existing unit(s).

About Peco Controls LLC Founded in 1955, Peco Controls specializes in the development of “no touch” sensing for bottlers, fillers and packagers. Peco has over 30 years of experience with fill level monitors and many of our original systems are in operational use today. Peco continues to invest heavily in innovation to advance the ease of use and data analytics capabilities of our offerings.


Allan Anderson