Peco-InspX Announces Full Product Range Exhibit for Pack Expo 2013

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Peco Controls and InspX will be exhibiting their full product line of package inspection systems at Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada in booth C4-106. InspX will feature its 2013 ScanTrac system model line-up including: Trio and Solo (rigid container inspection), Largo and Atempo (non-rigid container inspection) and Brioso (packet/pouch inspection). The 2013 FillTrac fill level monitor from Peco Controls will also be on display.

InspX is a leading manufacturer of high speed X-Ray package inspection systems for the food packaging, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The company continually focuses on advancing the state of the art for X-Ray inspection in terms of inspection speed, contaminant detection capability, analytics and ease of ownership. For example, all ScanTrac systems feature advanced remote diagnostic tools that allowed over 90% of field issues last year to be fixed remotely and immediately.

The ScanTrac Trio and Solo are among the most advanced rigid container X-Ray inspection systems available. The Trio, specifically designed for glass container inspection, uses a triple beam, side-view architecture to “see around” the container punt and thereby provide inspection coverage for 100% of the container. The ScanTrac Solo is a single beam system designed for inspecting plastic and metal rigid containers. Both the Trio and Solo offer robust foreign contaminant inspection, fill level and check weighing capabilities.

The ScanTrac Atempo and Largo are flexible top-down X-Ray inspection platforms that can inspect a variety of containers including: pouches, bags, trays, loose material, cases and other package forms. The Largo is a new addition to the ScanTrac family and can inspect large packages up to 34 inches wide and 17 inches high.

The recently released Brioso is designed for web packet applications – where a web of packets is inspected prior to being cut into individual pieces. The Brioso can inspect packets and pouches up to 8 inches wide at speeds over 600 linear feet per minute.

The new FillTrac fill level monitor is designed to be exceptionally reliable and easy to use. It employs an automatic learn feature for new containers. The settings for the new products are automatically loaded – it is as simple as pressing the “Start” button and following on screen step by step instructions. Absolutely no manual configuration is needed to get an accurate fill level reading. Furthermore, operators of existing gamma FillTrac fill level systems benefit from a trade in credit when they buy a new FillTrac.

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About Peco Controls and InspX LLC

Peco Controls and InspX are leading providers of advanced technology inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries. With headquarters in Fremont, CA, the company serves customers around the world and inspects over 120 million food and beverage containers daily. The company specializes in accurate high speed package inspection in machines that are easy to use with a low cost of ownership.


Allan Anderson